Episode 259 – 21 Day Online Startup Review

21 Day Online Startup Review

Goes Live Oct 1st 10AM EST- Ends Oct 4th 23:39 EST

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 21 Day Online Startup is a drip fed video course created by Barry Rogers.

Each day you get the next part of a simple process building from the basics – Niche selection, domain, hosting etc. – Right through to creating lead magnets and products to sell near the end of the course.

So many people fail to create a successful online business? But Why is that?

Usually it’s because one of the following reasons:

  • People don’t have a real plan and never really accomplish anything significant.
  • They piece together their online business instead of setting it up the right way from the beginning.
  • They don’t have all the components of a successful business like: products they are promoting, an email campaign, lead capture pages, etc.

Barry’s course covers a lot of this so if you are someone who is:

    1. New
    2. Pushed for time
    3. Does not have a focus

Then this is something you should check out.

Let me show you what it looks like inside:

21 Day Online Startup Review Video

21 Day Online Startup Funnel

The Front end is cheap during launch and the 2 OTOs compliment it if you feel you’d need more help or hand holding.


+ Well laid out and by a good guy

+ Cheap. This normally sells for $97. Only during this 4 day launch is it super reasonable.

+ Videos, PDFs and checklists all for you in each module



  • Would like to have seen a few ‘over the shoulder’ style videos to show ‘how’a few steps are done. But the OTOs come in there.


PS..If you have any questions about The 21 Day Online Startup, then please ask below.

YouTube Ads Mastery


Well, that would kind of be silly as this course s for the new/overwhelmed and a big package would add to the confusion.

So I’ll add one secret one and you can see it inside of Warrior plus after you grab the 21 day online startup via the red button above.

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