Episode 218 – Adreel Review [Video Ads Templates]

Last updated on December 11, 2020

Adreel Review

If you have been a reader of the reviews on this site, a member of the FB group or simply following my stuff for any amount of time, you’ll know I am a huge fan of video marketing.

And I mean on YouTube AND Facebook.

As for YouTube, I think it’s the best traffic source online.


Because your ideal customer comes to YOU, so long as you can be found.

Facebook is more interruption marketing (People see your video in their newsfeed) and if it is highly targeted (via ads) AND engaging, the may click on it and take the desired action.

The Struggles with Video Ads

One of the main sticking points of video ads or many, especially those starting out, is the quick creation of a video that can convey your marketing message quickly.

Add to this problem the fact that many folk don’t want to appear on screen.

Luckily, we have a solution in Adreel.

This still works in 2020

Created by Ryan Phillips, Adreel is an animated Video Ads platform, fully self-hosted.

The software has a plethora of templates for Video ads:

+ E-com / T-shirt templates

+ List building templates

+ Affiliate Templates

+ Background soundtracks provided if wanted

+ Traffic to content…

It’s pretty cool.

Background: I’ve actually invested money into creating a tool just like this for myself and it proved to be a huge undertaking due to the ever rising cost and difficulty the developer was having.

What I’m saying is Ryan has created the product I wanted to make (kudos to him) and as such, I absolutely LOVE it.

This will solve the NUMBER ONE issue video marketers have…. Crafting slick, good quality videos with scripts that convert for either Facebook OR YouTube Ads

I loved this so much that not only am I going to buy it despite getting a review copy, but I’m offering the best bonus package I have ever done.

Step 1: Select a template

Step 2: Choose background music (if you want)

Step 3: Enter your script (or edit one of their pre-written scripts)

Step 4: Render

Adreel Review Video

Adreel Demo Video by Ryan

Adreel Templates (Glimpse)

NOTE: There are more templates now that the image shows

Adreel Templates


There are templates for:

  • List building
  • Webinar registration
  • T-shirts
  • Physical offers
  • Affiliate sales
  • Offline / local marketing

They can be adapted to work in any niche pretty much any niche.

Adreel Review of the Funnel

Adreel now sells for  $147 – $197

OTO 1: AdReel Club – I’d really try and get this IF you can afford it as there will be many more templates added.

OTO 2: AdReel Store – Only for those who want to create a website that highlights these video ads and then be able to market and sell them to clients. Again, a good purchase should you do any kind of local or offline marketing.


  • No editing skills needed
  • Nothing to download
  • Can be used in any niche and for your customers as well.
  • Super simple and quick to use
  • Scripting guidelines, music and ability to upload images and logos (if you want)



  • Does not teach you HOW to use the videos CORRECTLY for both YT and FB ADS.
  • The Background tracks are too loud if you want to add a voiceover. That said, they are not designed for voiceovers so no biggie.


  • Nothing else really….It’s amazing and i do not say that lightly.

Adreel Bonues: A COMPLETE YouTube and Facebook Video ADs Package:

Extra Software Bonus For OTO 1 or 2 buyers:

Clear your cookies and then click the button below to get Adreel. All the bonuses will be inside of JVZoo. Clearing cookies and seeing my affiliate ID 64351,  or you will not be getting the bonuses as you will have inadvertently gone though someone else’s link.

Adreel Review

Main Bonus For anyone who buys via my link. Complete video Ads Mastery Training


New Bonus: Adreel Editing Mastery – Audio and Images – How to use FREE online services to improve your Adreel videos for BETTER Conversions

Software extra for OTO 1 or OTO 2 buyers ( you’ll need to send a receipt for this to [email protected])


PLUS these stock Adreel bonuses that everyone will be offering.

Adreel Bonuses

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