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As you are no doubt aware, there has been a bit of a scandal in the IM arena regarding a product called Junk Traffic Alchemy ( at least they named it well).

In short, many folk dodged a bullet. This product was going to be released and promoted despite the fact the sales page was based on lies. Still, many folk have no moral compass and made primer emails to their list and Youtube videos/posts advocating it.

Andy Brocklehurst called them out thankfully and they pulled it. But if that had not have happened, I’m 100% sure this would have launched. It only stopped because the were caught and probably that’s the only reason they are sorry.

So, to make up for the lack of morality in the industry, I want to provide this training to anyone who reads this site. Follow, implement and ask if unsure in the comments.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy Step by Step


Step 1: Go to Clickbank or any CPA network and choose an offer to promote. Choose something you feel comfortable in promoting but this method will allow for anything.

Step 2: Research your potential buyer. That is, who are the folk that would potentially buy this offer.

Step 3: Go to Facebook groups, forums, snoopsnoo, Twitter and open a notepad. Write down exactly what folk are saying who have these problems.

Step 4: Write an advertorial style blog post on your site. I recommend using a Newspaper style theme for best results.  << NOT an affiliate link

The key is HOW you write. You are not writing to promote the offer. In fact, do not even mention it.

Instead, you write in the first or 3rd person of a ‘fictional character’ a.k.a your avatar.

Copy and paste the words and sentences of pain points folk have from your research Here is something I found out when researching for a memory enhancement offer. Copied and pasted from a forum . Don’t reinvent the wheel. This is what an actual user was typing. Choose offers you feel OKAY about promoting.

My mother is in her 70s, physically fit and very active. She is skinny and always running around, doing stuff around the house. Unfortunately, her mind is failing more and more.

She forgets and confuses things, asks the same thing three times in ten minutes.

She eats meat, dairy, drinks coffee, doesn’t smoke, and thinks it is cool to eat processed chemical stuff due to the times she is from.

Exercise and diet are the most important things…. Drinking water etc…but it is very hard to tell an older person what to eat in my experience.

You’ll get a feel for it and it will help you get better at copy.

Again, do not write about the product AT ALL. NEVER MENTION IT!

All about pain points and stories.

Step 5: Make sure you have at least these 2 plugins installed:

Pixel My Site Plugin:

Create Buttons Plugin:

Step 6: Get a few great images ( one for your feature image) from either or

Step 7: Add a button to the end of your post which leads to your offer ( using your link). See the above plugin for how.

Step 8: At no point mention the offer itself, or anything about it. Push PAIN POINTS only and make the reader feel them. Build up their pain.

Step 9: Share on A FacebookFan Page. Run a PPE Ad to the post. This will make Facebook go out and get people who are likely to like, comment and share only. Not BUY.

STEP 10: Now you have all this social proof. stop the add. then run a Website traffic ad ( In other words, get people to go to your content buy going to the post. This time Facebook will optimize for link clickers.

Step 11: Let the sales page do the rest. This is out of your control

With a good post  and targeted traffic, you will convert. Is it easy? Yes. Does it take time and effort? Yes.

Summary: The blog post/ advertorial looks and reads like content, NOT a sales page. The reader must empathise with your story. That will get the click. Facebook is ONE option for traffic. This way will not get you into trouble ( use a good image and never get personal in your title nor make claims).

This is my Affiliate marketing recommendation for 2018 and beyond.

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