Episode 277 – The Affiliate Oracle Review

Last updated on January 8, 2020

The Affiliate Oracle Review

The Affiliate Oracle is a new course I have created but uses the same name as an older membership site I had from several years ago.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am tired of all the gimmicks and crap that gets created and sold. 

But part of the blame lies with people that consistently buy stuff that is touted as push button or auto profit. 

There is no such thing but I guess its human nature to be drawn to it.

A few years ago, I’d had enough and decided to follow are more no bullshit open approach.

And while it was tough at first, people respect it and have ended up building a small but targeted audience.

The Affiliate Oracle

When you recommend products that actually work, buyers are surprised and happy and then are more likely to buy other recommendations.

Now, you cannot abuse that trust but it means you sell more and sleep well at night.

It does not need special software or the latest gimmick.

In short, you need to build an audience in your niche and become the fiduciary to them. 

The affiliate oracle shows you how through video training and case studies.

Of course I am biased as this is my own training but here is my review/overview of it.

The Affiliate Oracle Review Video

The Affiliate Oracle Funnel

Main Offer: The Affiliate Oracle

Price: $27
Details: An A-Z of what the methods that I employ on a daily basis that allow me to dominate leaderboards and make great commissions without having to launch tons of products nor blindly reciprocate.


A different way of doing things that makes you a fiduciary to your list.
Upgrade 1: The Conversion Point
Price: $47
Details: This currently sells for $97 as a stand alone product.
Teaches you how to get much better conversions with small but targeted lists through the power of emails.
A focus on relationship building, segmentation and stories
Upgrade 3: YouTubeAds Mastery
Price: $97
Details: This is taken from my paid membership site, video marketing insider.


This will show you how to research and take out both Discovery & In-stream ads on Youtube.


PS….That’s the end of this post on the affiliate oracle. You can get it by clicking the button below from Feb 26th…
Video Marketing Insider

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