Episode 267 – Affiliate Tuber Review

Affiliate Tuber Review

Price has changed from a one time payment to now $47 P.M.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s no secret that my niche is video marketing. After doing YouTube for years, I have learnt a lot and run a successful video marketing membership site.

VMI members do not need this (not a con of the product at all, just mentioning it for the readers of this site).

That said, it is one of the best products I have reviewed this year and the fact that we are in December, that’s saying something.

Chris Derenburger is the creator of Affiliate tuber and a long term and full time YouTube affiliate marketer. 

He is one of the few people that can give me a run for my money when it comes to ranking on YouTube and Google

Now, while some of his methods can be a bit black hat, he knows what he is doing and gets results ranking for all sorts of products and niches.

You may not have heard of him as, thankfully, he is not a product creator and as such, is not part of the circle jerk crew.

He is very skilled and knowledgable though and finally has released a training called affiliate tuber and he covers these things:

Affiliate tuber

Now, you may or may know much of this stuff but it is all necessary to becoming successful on YouTube and I’ve yet to see it most of it taught in a cheap WSO.

One thing I noticed was the clarity of Chris’ training. I got some nuggets from it myself.

So now here is my affiliate tuber review video.

Affiliate Tuber Review video

One thing I really like about this is this is a one time thing. You get everything on the front end and there is no funnel.


  • Very well taught and laid out
  • Case studies and I checked and the rankings are still there
  • I know Chris knows his stuff (one of very few on YouTube)
  • I have seen Chris’ proof of earnings in his FB group
  • No OTOs


  • Bit pricey but that’s a mindset issue.
  • Lots of affiliate links in the training
  • It’s now $47 per month.

PS…I hope you liked my affiliate tuber review. I do have some bonuses that you can get inside of Paykickstart with your purchase should you clear cookies first.

If you cannot locate them, shoot me a ticket at [email protected]

Please enclose your receipt so I can check.

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Affiliate Tuber Bonuses


Video Training: How to manually create the subtitles for the videos in a foreign language.


Get my On-page Fillable PDF. I list all of the things you need to do to fully optimize your YouTube videos.


As you complete a tasks you simply fill out the PDF. This will save you a bunch of time when you are uploading your videos.

There will be some things you are unaware of, I’m sure.


I will give you access to a new un-released training called Twitter video mastery.

This is not for sale on its own. Twitter video is super underused and there is limited training on it.



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