Custom Bonuses for Affilorama


1. YouTube AutoPlay Function. This has just been rolled out by YouTube and ‘could’ destroy your business. So I have a training to show you how to actually turn this into a way to benefit and be one of the few who use this to their advantage.


2. YouTube Channel Review. I will personally review your channel and send you a recorded video with tips and advice to optimize it.


3. Video Tutorial. How to Syndicate ALL your Videos on Auto Pilot for Free and get huge Social Signals.


4. Updated VIDEO SEO Checklist.What works in 2015


5. Extra Bonus Video 2: Expert Landing Page analysis. I will show you EXACTLY what to look for when creating a Landing Page in any Niche. You MUST know this if your page is to convert.


6. Branding. How to add Branding to ALL your videos

Just Email me your receipt after you have been with Affilorama Premium for 35 days... This will show me you are serious about making this work. [email protected]

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