Episode 329 – The Asigo System – Any Good?

Last updated on July 31, 2020

For the past several years, one of the hottest trends in digital marketing has been:

  • E- Commerce

This has seen tons of products and launches in this area.

E-commerce, due to its popularity is becoming more competitive.

And platforms like Facebook are getting stricter and stricter with their regulations.

As as we emerge from the current global crisis, I’m pretty sure we are going to need to adapt and one of the ways people can do this is to dive into a relatively new trend before anyone else does.

One example of a new trend is: e-services.

It takes the best bits of affiliate marketing and e-com while removing headaches like inventory, suppliers, shipping and even, to a degree, traffic.

Instead it focuses on delivering recurring income on high ticket sales.

Which leads us to the Asigo system; the product that this page will attempt to look at.

The important thing to remember, is NO-ONE has access to this as it is going to be released live so everything has a large element of assumption.



The Asigo System Introduction

The Asigo system combines a course and a new software to automate everything and replicates what the owners [Chris Munch & Jay Cruz] have been doing in their own business and launches.

It ‘claims’ to show you how to generate profits with a completely automated online store that sells high ticket e-services.

Now, whenever I hear the words ‘completely automated’, I think it sounds a bit cheesy.

Let’s see.

What is an E-Service?

It’s a service that is both sold and fulfilled online.

And in The Asigo system, it works a lot like drop-shipping in that you do not have to fulfill that service.

You connect the customer with the service and then get paid.

The Asigo System

These will be for sales of 1 thousand dollars and over per sale.

This leads to higher profit margins from a single automated e-store.

The Asigo system gives you an automated e-store, with your own branding and logo along with a proven funnel that the creators have developed.

With the automation built in.

The Asigo System Review?

As it’s going to be a live ongoing course starting, unless you know where I can get a DeLorean and go into the future, it’s not possible to do a review.

And yet, we all know, there will be plenty of review articles and videos lol.

A similar thing happened when a product called the Kibo code launched.

People seemingly had the ability to review something that was a future live course.

Asigo System overview:

eCom is getting more competitive and the profit margins are tight.

So instead you’ll learn about the new emerging eServices trend where you have a store that sells an eService.

An example might be a credit report for example.

It’s like dropshipping in that you don’t have to fulfill the service yourself.

So you are set up with your own eServices eStore which sells a $1k ticket product with 90% profit margins, and it includes a traffic generation tool as well.

The Asigo System

It works different to eCommerce stores due to the sale style being different.

There’s a higher profit margins by ‘dropshipping’ an eService from a pre-built proven online store.

The Offer:


The Asigo System Bonuses


NOTE: These are delivered by the owners of the Asigo System.

Campaign Refinery – 3 Month Trial ($291 Value)

Campaign Refinery: Marketing automation that radically increases deliverability & conversions.

Convertri – 3 Month Trial ($173 Value)

In order to get the most out of your campaigns, you’ll need to have a solid ‘funnel’ in place…

Convertri gives you such flexibility in design, letting you build pages that perfectly match your brand.

Blistering speed too.

CleverMessenger – 3 Months Free @10k Subscribers ($199 Value)

Create an amazing chatbot quickly, with the drag n’ drop vlow builder…

Capture messenger subscribers in 7 unique ways!

Qualify leads by having your bot survey prospects.

Improve conversion and automate sales with automations.

Generate email addresses and phone numbers right from your bot.

ActiveCampaign – 14 Days Free ($173 Value)

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in.

You need a way to stay in touch with your leads and buyers.

VidBullet Commercial Access ($69 Value)

With 100’s of hours of research based on 1000’s of videos, you’ll be able to create amazing video ads fast using proven high converting video ad templates.

No fuss, no messy equipment, and no need to be on camera.

Free Ampifire Promotional Campaign On Major Sites To Boost Your eStore’s Exposure ($349 Value)

Advertise your website across the internet on high traffic blogs, video sites, podcast sites, Slideshare, news sites like USA Today & Google News and others.

This will help expose your brand to your audience, boost your rankings, and help you get more targeted visitors and new customers.

Access to Alpha Stacker Agency Accelerator Course (Asigo Subscription Required) ($199 Value)

In this training, you’ll learn what it takes to start and maintain a six figure agency without any headaches.

Quick Start Training Video – Get Up & Running in Minutes ($59 Value)

A quick start video to help you start getting results immediately.

Top Niche’s That Will Prosper During The Economic Crisis ($59 Value)

A list of all new niches primed for massive explosion over the next 12-18 months.

Position yourself for major success by getting in front of the massive growth in these markets.


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