Audioflow review

Episode 265 – AudioFlow Review

AudioFlow Review

Goes Live 11AM EST Nov 20th. Closes Nov 24th Midnight EST

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Audioflow is a new tool by Josh Ratta that is a kind of all in one solution for audio related video creators.
I did get a review a while back but due to illness I am doing the review now.
It has several main features that I go over in the review video below:
  • Royalty free tracks ( great for advertisers or video creators)
  • An AMAZING text-to-speech function (better than Amazon Polly)
  • Recorder and audio embedder
The realistic text-to-speech creator  works in up to 14 languages and 60 different voices.

Voice over recording: 

Connect your mic, or use your desktop mic, hit record and talk. Then edit & save it as an MP3 file.

Lots of premium tracks: 

The cream of the crop, these tracks will make any average video sound incredible! And did I mention Royalty-free! No more YouTube copyright claims

Text to Speech Creator: 

Don’t like to record your own voice? Then use this. it is pretty damn good and has 14 languages too.


Podcast & upload function: 

Create nice looking audios that you can embed on your site.

AudioFlow Review Video

AudioFlow Review of the Funnel

I haven’t been through the funnel so please see if any of the upgrades are needed for you.

AudioFlow Bonuses


PS…Thanks for checking out this Audioflow review. If it’s for you then check it out below and let me know if you have any questions.

Audioflow review





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