ChromiCode Review

Episode 221 – ChromiCode Review

ChromiCode Review Click Here from Tuesday 12th September @ 10am EST ChromiCode is avery interesting product by Curt Crowley. And after I interviewd Curt ( see the video below), I realised just how many possibilities this has. In short, it allows you or teaches you I should say, how to create Google Chrome Extensions. Chrome…

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How to build a list on Facebook

Episode 217 – How to Build a List On Facebook Review

How to Build a List On Facebook Review It is a cliche but the money is in the list, or at least the relationship with it. Gotta have a list in the first place though, right? List building is something that needs to be approached methodologically. You need a clear niche and to have identified…

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Bam Bam Backlinks Review

Episode 216 – Bam Bam Backlinks Review

Bam Bam Backlinks Review Goes Live Wed. July 12th 11:00 EST As you know, ranking on Youtube and ranking on Google are not always the same. Many times, you can be #1 on YouTube but nowhere on Google and vice versa. To rank better on Google, backlinks are more and more important. BUT, you want…

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Mobile video Boss Review

Episode 215 – Mobile Video Boss Review

Mobile Video Boss Review Cart Opens July 8th at 11AM EST Mobile Video boss is a training on how to set up, shoot and edit videos on your smartphone that look professional. The creator, Chamberlane Altatis is a pro at video shooting and editing. It is what he does. And now he is teaching it. To…

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FB Video Ads Mastery Review

Episode 214 – FB Video Ads Mastery Review

FB Video Ads Mastery Review Goes Live June 28th at 11AM EST FB Video Ads Mastery is a new training by Mario Brown. I always like Mario’s stuff, and he’s a nice guy too, but it is only fair to go through the product if I am to ethically promote it. So, let’s get to…

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Video Niche Domination

Episode 213 – Video Niche Domination Review

 Video Niche Domination Review Goes Live June 21st at 10AM EST Video Niche Domination is a new product by Paul Venables and myself. In short, it is a training and software combination. I’ll explain each part separately. But if you are new to this page, both Paul and I have been doing YouTube / video…

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Autonars Review

Epsiode 212 – Autonars Review

Autonars Review Launching June 15th 10am – June 17th midnight Autonars takes its name from the words webinar and auto. In other words, it will allow you to run automated webinars. Webinars are great for selling mid to high ticket products. But you have to be present as well as teach something live. That also…

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Episode 211 – Msg Leads Review

Msg Leads Review Click Here for the best price on June 8th @ 11AM EST Msg Leads Review – The ‘old-school’ or ‘traditional’ way of doing lead generation on FB involves sending someone away from Facebook. Ad/FB Messenger Conversation -> Send them to opt-in page -> They enter their email address -> Sent to thank…

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YouTube Subscribe Button

How to Add A YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Website

Add A YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Website The more subs the better. And while it is important to ask for subscribers in your videos, you also need to embed or add a YouTube subscribe Button to Your Website. How do you do that? Simple. Go here first: Then follow the guide in my…

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How to make an animated GIF

How to Create a GIF [Then Add to Email]

How to Create a GIF Today I’m not reviewing anything, just a free training on a cool little trick I’ve been using recently. This will make your emails stand out by adding what looks like a part of your video but is actually a gif or animated image. The only thing is, to follow the…

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