YouTube Channel Mastery

Episode 169 – YouTube Channel Mastery Relaunch Review

YouTube Channel Mastery Relaunch Review THURSDAY 15th SEPTEMBER 09.00 EST A few months ago, I released what I consider to be one of my best courses, YouTube Channel Mastery. If you have it already then no need to grab it again of course. But if not, then I really think you’ll benefit from this. Whether…

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Content Kingpin Review

Episode 168 – Content Kingpin Review

Content Curation Mastery Click here at 9AM EST on Aug 30th Today we are going to look at something called Content Kingpin which is from the team at Semantic Mastery. If you’ve never heard of them, then I’ll tell you what I know. Semantic Mastery is a team of entrepreneurs, headed by Bradley Benner, who specialise…

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CPA Display Academy Review

Episode 167 – CPA Display Academy Review

CPA Display Academy Review Click here on Aug 25th @ 10 AM EST to get our unique Bonus  Package CPA Display Academy is a training on Native Ads using RevContent as the network. I know for a fact that the Rev Content  Native Ads combo works. First let’s get a bit of background on what…

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Mailit Review

Episode 166 – Mailit Review

Mailit Review – A Real Neutral Review Goes Live AUG 19TH 11AM – AUG 21ST MIDNIGHT Mailit Review: You are going to hear a LOT about this product but I predict I will be one of very few (maybe even the only one) to give you a 100% honest review. And after you read and watch…

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CPA traffic Academy Review

Episode 165 – CPA Traffic Academy Review

CPA Traffic Academy Review Launch starts on August 13th at 10 AM EST CPA Traffic Academy is a training course on the front end that focuses on how to set up profitable CPA campaigns in untapped and evergreen using ultra targeted free and paid traffic sources. The training is delivered by Marcus. C, a guy from the…

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TubeSift Review

Episode164 – TubeSift Review

TubeSift Review Video Ads are huge and totally under utilized. But the potential is huge. And in the review today, I want to tell you about a software that I personally use that allows me to get amazing intel. let’s take a step back and talk about YouTube Ads so you get the full picture.…

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T-Tube Review

Episode 163 – T-Tube Review

T-Tube Review T-Tube is a brand new software from my partner Rishy and I. Rishy is the brains behind it, I would say I am the face, but that would make it ugly so I’ll just say I am helping him and have done some of the training videos. T-Tube is a Windows software that…

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Tube Remarketing Mastery Review

Episode 162 – Tube Remarketing Mastery Review

Tube Remarketing Mastery Review Click here to grab it YouTube ads are  very cheap but that is just the start. But if you are not remarketing, then you really are missing out on a ton of cheap highly targeted traffic. Retargeting and remarketing are the same thing by the way. When people visit your website or…

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Unstoppable Live Profits Review

Episode 161 – Unstoppable Live Profits Review

Unstoppable Live Profits Review Launching July 22 (11AM EST) Seems there is a lot of hype about YouTube Live Events these days. This post will review one of these products called Unstoppable Live Profits. It is by Vick Carty, Dexter Pagliwanan and Ray Lane. It has its pros and cons and my video was brutally honest.…

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Live Event Blaster Review

Episode 160 – Live Event Blaster Review

Live Event Blaster Review Goes live July 15th @11AM EST Live Events are by far the best way to rank a video. A few months ago now, I released my Tube Traffic Alchemy training (no longer available) which focused on Live event to upload pre-recorded video. YouTube love these and it it’s so much easier…

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