The Affiliate Oracle Review

Episode 190 – The Affiliate Oracle Review [Updated]

The Affiliate Oracle Review [Updated] Last year I created and sold one of my own products called the Affiliate Oracle. It was a membership site that I priced originally at $9.95 before upping it to $17. There are 12 modules overall PLUS monthly updates. Scroll down the page for more detail on that. These are…

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Page one rankings

Tutorial: How to Get Page One Rankings with White Hat Linkbuilding tips

How to Get Page One Rankings with White Hat Linkbuilding tips Rather than review anything, I thought I’d give you this SEO tip. This works for videos or websites. It’s completely whitehat and legal and will NEVER get you into trouble. It just takes a few minutes and you can find some gems to link…

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FB Continuity Profits Review

Episode 189 – FB Continuity Profits Review

Facebook Continuity Profits Review Click here at 11AM EST Jan 14th for the best possible price : 4-day launch only with daily price rise. Update: NEW BONUS ADDED In today’s review, I am looking at Mario Brown’s Facebook Continuity Profits course which is all about Facebook Ads and more importantly, how to make recurring revenue through membership sites…

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Bing Ads Coaching

Episode 188 Bing Ads Coaching

A Review of Neil Moran’s Bing Ads Coaching Today I am not reviewing a typical launch, but a coaching program. If you are interested in CPA marketing and affiliate marketing in general, then you MUST master traffic and tracking. There are a million traffic course but tracking is everyone’s sticking point. What makes thing  worse, is…

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Tube Rank Explosion Review

Episode 187 – Tube Rank Explosion Review

Tube Rank Explosion Review Click Here Jan 4th @ 9AM EST for the Cheapest Price One of the great things about connecting with fellow entrepreneurs is the amount of people who are really successful and great at what they do but have never released a product. One of these people is Lenny Rowell. Lenny and…

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VideoAdsFormula2 REview

Video Ads Formula 2 Review

Video Ads Formula 2 Review Click Here at 11AM EST on Dec 20th to Grab it at a Discount 4-day launch only with daily price rise. + Webinar replay at the bottom of the page In today’s review, I am looking at Mario Brown’s Video Ads formula 2 course which is all about Facebook Video Ads. I’ll…

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IM Jetset Review

Episode 185 – IM Jetset Review

IM Jetset Review In today’s post, I’m going to review a slightly different product than normal. It’s called IM Jetset and is by a guy named John Crestani. I came across john for the first time last year. I was on a webinar by Peter Parks at 3AM and he introduced John as his super…

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Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review

Episode 184 – Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review

Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review November 26th, 2016 @ 10am US EST Rapid Traffic Masterclass is a new product by Stefan Ciancio. In short, it is making niche sites and driving traffic to them via a specific Pinterest method. Then monetizing them with Adsense. Well put together and while Pinterest is not new, I really liked the Pinterest…

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Tube Architect Review

Episode 183 – Tube Architect Review

Tube Architect Review Click here on Nov 24th @ 3AM EST – 3 Day launch prize Freeze I don’t know about you, but these days, YouTube softwares that promise page one rankings overnight seem to be a) in fashion, and b) crap. Shame but for the most part, true. anyone can rank a video super…

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LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review

Episode 182 – LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review

LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash is Lee Cole’s system for making real money on LinkedIn. Well, it is his and his partner’s, Gloria Gunn’s.  LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash sells for $17 but what exactly is it? Gloria was looking for an easy product to sell through LinkedIn, because she wanted to build a list…

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