How to Backup and Restore your YouTube Videos

How to Backup and Restore your YouTube Videos

How to Backup and Restore your YouTube Videos

If you have a YouTube channel that you have spent a lot of time creating and promoting, and your account gets banned by YouTube (which happens to marketers EVERY SINGLE DAY) then you’re out of luck.

This has happened to both my friends and I. Sometimes for good reason, other times due to a jealous competitor, a bot or by inadvertently doing something wrong.

So I got a new web-based software created called Videos Backup created. In an ideal world, you’ll not need to use it, but in the real world, you probably will at some point if your account gets slapped.

With this Videos Backup, you’ll have your content (title, thumbnail, mp4 file, description, tags) on another YouTube account almost in an instant. 

So should the worst happen and you lose a channel, you’ll still have your content online.

Videos Back Up allows you to backup your videos, thumbnails, titles, descriptions and tags. This in itself will save you a ton of time in a few clicks.

From here you can either download these things to your computer, restore them to a different channel.

You can choose to upload them as public, private or, my preferred choice of unlisted.


There is a product called Tube Backup Restore on the market. This works on a  PC only and on the sales page says that you can:

download Your Competitors channels, Videos & playlists…and have everything sitting on your hard drive ready to restore to ANY Account/channel you manage.

While I do not doubt the capabilities to do that, my software does not allow this. It is purely for backing up videos you own and re-uploading them to another channel you own.

How to Backup and Restore your YouTube Videos

For now, only members of Video Marketing Insider can get access to this. If you want in, plus a TON of other video related softwares, tutorials, roadmaps, stock videos and access to me, then you can join me and pay the whopping amount of just over $1per day.

You get so much extra value, tons of softwares, a FB community, HD stock videos…in fact, you’d probably be declared clinically insane to not get it.


I’m not insane, Adam!



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