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Last updated on January 8, 2021

Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker

Whenever you search for something on YouTube, you’ll be presented with hundreds of videos to potentially watch.

For the most part, we will choose to watch one of the top ranked videos as it takes time to scroll down the results.

When we do this, we are also helping that video rank [or reman ranking].


The Click Through Ratio [CTR] of a video is one of, if not THE most important ranking factors on YouTube.

So, what determines which video a person clicks on?

Several factors but the biggest is probably the video thumbnail.

Next comes the title but it is the thumbnail our eyes are naturally drawn to.

As a video creator, you must be creating eye-catching thumbnail designs in order to drive and compel viewers to click on your videos.

Thumbnail Maker

Of the 3 above, the best video is a matter of opinion.

While I am a tad biased, I do believe the colours and design of my thumbnail helps it stand out.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker

Personally I get all my thumbnails made up on a needs basis.

This works for me as I have zero graphic design ability, but can prove costly in the long term

There are several other options on the marketplace and I will cover one free and one in this post with the goal of providing my best recommendation.

The best tools use templates and simple editors so that you do not have to create thumbnails from scratch.

NOTE: I will NOT be advocating Thumbnail Blaster due to negative experiences.

I will also not be going over tools like Photoshop.

While Photoshop excellent, it has a learning curve and anyone proficient in it will not be on the lookout for a thumbnail creation tool.

Free: Canva

I love Canva for what it does.

It is very intuitive and has been around for a long time.

The trouble is, despite all its amazing points and features, people like me, who are not creative, still cannot make anything that looks decent.

This is about the limits of what I can do with Canva.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker


Sure you might be able to do more but it still lacks in features despite being very good.

I will not be getting hired for my design skills anytime soon lol 🙂

Compare the above to what a pro can do below:

YouTube Chapters


ConvertBox Review


The difference is night and day.

Now, rather than having to hire a pro, you can use a something like this next tool which is amazing.

I have an older review on this software. 

But as time has passed and Kickass Tuber has been revamped, I wanted to mention it in detail here as I love it.

To my mind, this is the best YouTube thumbnail maker.

The goal of this software is to help you get noticed on YouTube and win viewers’ attention with Pro-Level thumbnails, channel branding, video overlay graphic templates, and jaw-dropping motion graphics.

So, it’s not ONLY for thumbnails but channel art, end screens…etc

What’s New?

  • Full-featured YouTube branding “themes”
  • 100’s of new templates, graphics, and animations added
  • 1,8+ Million stock images w/ Pixabay integration
  • Faster interface rebuilt from scratch
  • New knowledge base (work in progress)
  • Support chat
  • New tools (Crop file dimensions, remove background tools, etc.)
  • Coming according to the guy behind it: New editor options, improved search experience, new graphics in the editor, new animations, and more.

Kickass Tuber Review + Tutorial


Now, if you were to go to the sales page normally, you’d be presented with a simple sales funnel.

This is what you’d be offered:

FE offer:

$47 Kickasstuber w/ Personal rights

✅ 400+ Pro-Level YouTube graphics templates

✅ Edit online  w/Photopea based editor

✅ Add from 1,400+ exclusive graphics 

✅ Add from 1,8M images from Pixabay

✅ 700+ engaging motion graphics (and counting)

✅ 40 Fully-featured Youtube branding “themes”

✅ Personal license (Commercial license available as an add-on – just $10)

✅ All future platform updates

✅ 30-Day money-back guarantee

✅ One-Time Payment

To get the above offer you can click here

 ⚠️ $29 w/ coupon: ADAMKAT

From here, the upgrade is the…

Club offer

$99 Lifetime deal

✅ 900+ Extra YouTube graphics templates

✅ 1,500+ Extra motion graphics (and counting)

✅ 90 Extra Youtube branding “themes”

✅ Export templates as PSD

✅ All future updates and assets

✅ BONUS! 1,500+ royalty-free soundtracks

✅ 30-Day money-back guarantee

✅ One-Time Payment

If you want the club WITHOUT the main front end, you can get that here.

(PRIVATE) All-access lifetime deal

For this you get: ✅ Everything in the funnel for $99.

This is great value and you can either grab this here or via the big blue button towards the end of the post.

You won’t get a better deal elsewhere.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker

Some Cons of KickassTuber:

Now, while the software is great, nothing is perfect.

If I am nitpicking, here are a few negatives.

  • The search bar doesn’t show enough results although a new search and tagging system is in development I have been told.
  • MOV files don’t work on some Windows operative systems. If this is you then you might need codecs

Despite the above cons, I have yet to see a tool better than Kickasstuber for making custom thumbnails easily and of good quality.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Summary

Taking the time to create thumbnails that stand out is almost as important as the video itself.

If you are unable to create sexy looking graphics, then Kickass Tuber is highly recommended and if you use it, your videos will stand out more and get more clicks.

That means over time, better rankings.

And who does not want that?

What do you think the best YouTube thumbnail maker is? 

Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading.

Oh, and grab the lifetime license below.




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