Episode 188 Bing Ads Coaching

A Review of Neil Moran’s Bing Ads Coaching

Today I am not reviewing a typical launch, but a coaching program. If you are interested in CPA marketing and affiliate marketing in general, then you MUST master traffic and tracking.

There are a million traffic course but tracking is everyone’s sticking point. What makes thing  worse, is that 99.9% of folk do not teach it or gloss over it. Trust me, you NEED 1-1 help to really ‘get’ tracking.

I’ve seen CPA courses that charge up to $10K. This one is ridiculously underpriced for what it is. You can see more in the video (apologies for the poor audio at times).

Bing Ads Coaching Review video



Neil is one of a handful of people I trust in this industry. He i ethical, keen to help, and every selective in who he works with and what he promotes.

He also has lots of success in CPA with Bing ads and this is his bread and butter.

If you are looking for 1-1 help at a reasonable price, and ant to master BING for traffic, then this is your best option.

IM Jest Set Review

PS…Neil also provides this guarantee:

If you have not generated leads or sales within the first 30 days after following our 1-on-1 advice and video training in the members area and can show us that you have setup a campaign as we have instructed and spent at least $100 on that campaign we will happily refund your money.

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