Episode 202 – Board Commander Review

Last updated on April 21, 2017

Board Commander Review

Launching April 23rd 10am – April 26th midnight

Pinterest is a great traffic source. But it’s not used nor well understood by many. I’d hedge a bet that most people think it’s a place where women share food and fashion pics and other related images. It may have more women than men that frequent it, but those days have changed.

Certain niche sites of mine get a fair bit of traffic from Pinterest even though in the past I’d not really done much apart from share images of blog post and articles.

Anyhow, a while back I had a skype chat with Stefan Ciancio. He wanted to get more traffic to one of his sites and was thinking of doing some YouTube ads. During the chat, he mentioned he was trying a new Pinterest method.

Fast forward a few months and he has released 2 products on it. One of them, Growii, I promoted. The other, Pullii, I did not as I thought it was too similar.

Now he has come up with Board Commander, a web-based software that he is releasing that automates the tedious job of growing your Pinterest accounts.

Board Commander Review

Pinterest 101

Pinterest is an image based Social media site. You can share images on it and have them link back to your posts or articles. Image are placed on boards.

Boards are like themed photo albums. So, If you were in the gardening niche, you may have a board on roses, one on gardening tools….etc

And by consistently posting images, you get some followers. Also, if you follow people, or pinners, many of them follow you back.

You can also get followers by sharing pins ( images), commenting, liking…etc. Basically by being social.

Once your following builds up, anyone images get re-pinned and you get traffic to your related website.

Pinterest works but it takes time. Hence Stefan’s Board Commander

Here is my full Board Commander Review video.

Board Commander Review Video


+ Software does what it says on the tin and is bug free from what I could find.

+ Set and forget

+ Simple to use and good , clear tutorials

+ Web based


+ If you are new to Pinterest, then there are no real intro to how to monetize…. ( see bonus…hint hint)

+ Just be careful not to follow too many people. This isn’t really talked about too much in the training but you can end up following a ton but with few following you.

+ You need a place to drive traffic to first (not really a con of the product, but more the reality of what to do if you buy).

Board Commander Funnel

F/E : Board Commander Suite ($37-$47-$57-$67)

Board Commander suite is a software and high end training combination

OTO 1: Board Commander Unlimited Access ($67) @50%

Instead of just getting ONE pinterest account…you get UNLIMITED accounts. Your chance to really maximize their value, traffic and profits. You will also get full developer rights meaning you can use Board Commander on behalf of your clients and get paid to do so.

OTO 2: Reseller Rights 100% Revenue Partner ($97) @50%

You can sell this, keep 100% of the profits and not have to handle ANY customer support.

OTO 3: Graphics Suite ($37) @50%

Board Commander Graphics suite, built right into the Board Commander software, create images to use for Pinterest and anything else you want instantly. Super easy to use, never worry about hiring a designer, waiting for designers or overpaying again.


As you can see below, my bonuses are 100% congruent with board Commander, not some PLR or 8 million plugins. We feel they will compliment the product and speed up your Pinterest growth,

  1. Image Resource Guide for Royalty Free High Quality images for your Pinterest account.

  2. Copy for Pinterest. How to get More clicks to your offers when traffic comes to your site?

YouTube Pinterest  SEO Technique. How to amalgamate the two for maximum results.

$33,000 Turnkey Profit Machines Course/Case Study: Previous POTD

Bounce Baby:

WP Plugin to improve the bounce rate on your website.

Resell rights to Mobile Optimize Pro bonus:

ONE CLICK Technology Gives You Instant Protection From Mobilegeddon And Ranks You Higher For Real Money Making Keywords!


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