Episode 217 – How to Build a List On Facebook Review

Last updated on August 17, 2017

How to Build a List On Facebook Review

It is a cliche but the money is in the list, or at least the relationship with it. Gotta have a list in the first place though, right?

List building is something that needs to be approached methodologically. You need a clear niche and to have identified your avatar within that niche.

From there, you need a lead magnet that your avatar actually wants (which takes some research).

Then you need to set up your pages the right way with good copy and not too much distraction. The thank you page is vital if you want to build GOOD quality leads that do not use fake email addresses.

Done that?

Good, you’ll need all your pixels set up and installed right and any standard events correctly added so Facebook can measure ho many leads you are getting per ad.

Oh, and you’ll need your emails written and set up in your autoresponder. The first email will need to contain certain info as well or you’ll lose them.


Facebook Ads, like a lot of paid ads, are great when done right.

But there are many pieces to the puzzle and they ALL need to be put together. This is where this course comes in.

I’ve been building a list using this exact method.

$5 a day budget per ad so anyone can afford it. If you cannot, then you should not be building a business online with paid traffic at all.

These are lead in the IM niche that are double opt-in (meaning they have to confirm subscription to get the lead magnet).

My best results were leads at 33 cents each. Not bad. Now they are at just over 54 cents per lead and approx 10-15 per day.

Watch this video to learn more:

How to Build a List On Facebook Review video

Disclaimer: This is the actual sales video but I show you some of the proof and take you through the membership area so you can get an idea of the content inside. Since I made it I added videos on audience research

Note: This is NOT a case study. I had intended to do a case study but it was pointed out that they represent an incident of success. So I’ve decided to make this more of a formula…

I still show you my landing pages, ads, lead magnet etc…In fact, you probably already have my lead magnet (wink).

So, you’ve seen inside. This works in ANY niche so long as your audience on Facebook.

I have included a bout 3-4 videos that I took from another one of my courses as the process has not changed one bit and those videos work!

I don’t do $7 PDFs for the main part anymore as I value my stuff and know this could be $97-$297.

The Price is $47 right now. Use this code on checkout to get $20 off >> 20off

Any questions let me know in the comment and thanks for reading.


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