Episode 46 – Bull Tube Review

Episode 46 – Bull Tube Review
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Bull Tube Review – A Great Guide to In Stream Video Ads and Making Moolah!


Bull Tube is cool. It came across my desk recently and I was pleasantly surprised.

Like all good offers, its is somewhat different to what is out there right now and you could do some serious damage if you apply it.

In short, the main gist is setting up your first in-stram video ads on YouTube. Few folks are doing this right now. I have studied from the best in Tommie Powers but he ain’t cheap. This is a great guide to get you up to speed.

It goes live Feb 16th at 6PM EST.


Bull Tube Review Video

Funnel details:

$4-$9.95 dime sale.

OTO 1> $14

A step-by-step guide of how to setup and optimize a perfect campaign that will NOT only save lots of lots of money, but also how to set up to get FREE VIEWS. 

OTO 2> $19

A series of training consisting topics of how to rank YouTube Videos and Proper keyword research methods.


Grap Bull Tube via the big red button and the bonuses will be yours automatically.
Bull TubeReview


Extra Bonuses Bundle: 22 Simple CPA Profits Videos Not available anymore to the public.



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