Episode 278 – Chatter Pal Review

Last updated on January 8, 2020

Chatter Pal Review

Chatter Pal is a new product by super affiliate Paul Ponna.

I’ll be honest and say this is the first time I have ever looked at one of his products despite knowing that they sell a lot.

This one he is co-launching with a behind the scenes tech guy, Sid Diwar.

We will have a look to see how easy it is to use, and if it actually works in a minute.

It’s called Chatter Pal, but what exactly is it?

It’s a mix of 3D avatar technology and interactive AI chat automation.

These avatars are characters that appear at the bottom of the web page accompanies by a chat that the user can interact with in real time.

You can add these ‘Chatter pals’ to any website you own in the hope of boosting sales, leads and so on.

They can be created in any language and come with in-built translation and ready made chat templates!

What’s more, you can create unlimited Chatter Pals for you and your clients if you so wish.

When I asked for a review copy they were super quick, polite and it worked flawlessly. 

As you can see in the video I made below it’s intuitive, and I have a fun one added to this page.

They work on ALL devices and there is nothing to install or download.

Chatter Pal Review Video


As you can see, the voices are super realistic.

On this page, I uploaded my own and that was easy. 

You can even use the app to record your voice, speed it up or change the pitch.

The avatars can even be customized with your logos. So cool.

If you’d like a look at a demo video of how Chatter Pal works by it creator, here ya go:

Chatter Pal Demo (by Paul)

Who could benefit from chatter Pal?

  • E-com store owners could use this to stand out, offer coupons, advertise giveaways…
  • Affiliates can use this to get more sales and highlight bonuses
  • CPA- See above
  • Social Media folk? The ChatterPal Links can be shared direct to Social media without any code at all.
  • List Builders can this on landing pages to stand out.
  • Local Business can use this to encourage more phone calls or appointments

Now, like all products, there is a funnel and you can see what parts of this are a fit for you.

On a personal level, I like OTO 1 and 4.

Here are the features and prices of the upgrades.

Chatter Pal Funnel:

Chatter Pal

FE – ChatterPal Commercial ($37)


40 Interactive 3D Avatars –
Male, Female and Animals with logo mapping.

100+ Premium Text-To-Speech Voices in 25 languages
Same voice technology that powers Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

10 Ready-Made Chat Templates
Customize the templates as you like to create your own!


Fluid Logo Mapping Technology – 
Map any logo on to the 3D Avatars, the logos automatically adapt to the movements of the avatar!


Artificial Intelligence “Chat Automation” Technology – 
offer coupons, book appointments, take custom orders, offer customer support…

Smart Analytics– 

Get instant feedback and find winning campaigns.

Live-Link Technology– 
Add ChatterPals to websites you don’t own!

Green Screen Removal
Upload your own green screen spokespersons

Attention Grabbing Emoticons & Unlimited chat flows


Upsell #1 – ChatterPal Deluxe ($44)

– 13 additional 3D Avatars Immediately

– One new avatar each month for one year (no monthly or yearly fees)!

– Animated Emoticons Pack

– Multi-thread Chat Branching (create advanced clients)

– Unlimited # of chat blocks

– Unlimited Video Hosting

– Professional Voice Overs From HOT Niches

– VIP Support


Upsell #2 – ChatterPal Agency ($67)

– Adjust speed and pitch of text-to-speech (more flexibility)

– 25 Additional chat templates from popular niches

– Zapier Integration

– Remove “Powered By ChatterPal” Branding

– 25 Green Screen Video (Same niches as the chat templates)

– Increase avatar speaking limit from 2 mins to 4 mins!

– Fill in the blank client briefs and contracts

– 5 additional licenses for your agency / team


Upsell #3 – ChatterPal Premium Voice Pack ($37)

ChatterPal premium included 53 ULTRA premium text-to-speech voices that are NOT available anywhere else. 

These voices are generally pay-per-use and would cost the customers thousands of dollars to license.

One Tine payment!

No recurring cost, unlimited usage.


Upsell #4 – ChatterPal International ($29)

This upgrade activates a very powerful and unique feature in the app that AUTO DETECTS where the website visitor is coming from and translates the chat to that language without any human intervention needed!

ChatterPal Summary

Overall, I think this is brilliant and I’m not easily impressed anymore.



+ Nothing to download/install

+ reasonable pricing

+ Intuitive and easy to use. Newbie friendly

+ More sales, leads, clicks…etc



– None really. They do not show you how to add the code to your site but I can show you as part of my bonus.


PS…Thanks for reading my chatter Pal Review. Any questions, please ask and my custom ChatterPal Bonuses are below.

MSG Lock Review

Chatter Pal Bonuses

1. Customized SEO Done For you Ahrefs Report

Send me a few seed Keywords and I’ll send you a customized Ahrefs report for you. This would cost you $99 a month normally to do it direct from Ahrefs. You’ll get months of content ideas.

2. HD STOCK VIDEOS (From My Video Marketing Membership)

Choose ONE from any of the below niches and I’ll send you some videos you can use/edit, do what you want with:

3. Access to My FB Leads Case Study (currently sells for $47)

Don’t believe me? Look here.

4. Video Tutorial on how to add Chatter Pals to Your WordPress Site

5. Script to Call Code Plus Instructions

VMI ScriptScript to call code until now only for my Video Marketing Inside members.

This script can be placed on as many WordPress sites as ya like.

And it turns a link into something more powerful.

It can act as a click to call, click to Skype or click to email.

In short, you RANK a video or take out an AD.

A viewer clicks on a link in the description, or if you meet the criteria, in a car or end screen.



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8 thoughts on “Episode 278 – Chatter Pal Review”

  1. Hi Adam, just discovered your website, I really appreciate your reviews and demos of the various products you review, both very honest and very useful! I have a question about Chatter Pal. It looks great and I can see many uses to engage the website visitor. I have stated producing interactive videos and have had massive success in this regard. I see that Chatter Pal does give an embed code for use on my website, but I do not use wordpress, I use a different platform that has an HTML widget, I am not sure the Chatter Pal code will work inside that widget, it looks like it has to go into the actual page code. I will check with my tech support people about that. Do you have any idea how can I get some sample Chatter Pal code to test this on my website before purchasing on the 28th when it launches? I could then call the tech support team and ask them to help me. Thanks!

    • Hi Larry. I spoke to them and this is the reply I got:

      “It will work on virtually any web site > the embed code is standard HTML code. There really isn’t a specific place to put it, it will work almost anywhere you place it, but I’d recommend before the tag, or the tag at the bottom”

      Does this help?



      • Hi Adam,

        Thanks for doing that. Yes, that does help. It looks like it can not go into a simple HTML widget like in a Weebly website, it has to go into the actual code for the page. I will get my tech support people to help me with that. Thanks again!

    • Hi Frank. Appreciate the kind words. As for affiliate marketing, you still need a website and the ability for it to get traffic. If you have or can get that then I think these chatterpals will help your site stand out for affiliate purposes.


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