Episode 221 – ChromiCode Review

ChromiCode Review

Click Here from Tuesday 12th September @ 10am EST

ChromiCode is avery interesting product by Curt Crowley. And after I interviewd Curt ( see the video below), I realised just how many possibilities this has.

In short, it allows you or teaches you I should say, how to create Google Chrome Extensions.

Chrome extensions are things that help you do little tasks.

That little image shows some examples of ones I am using right now. Things such as the FB pixel helper, Last Pass, Screen capture and more.

Now while I know how useful these little tools are ( you can get free and paid ones), I never knew it as possible for non coders to create them.

ChromiCode is a new over the shoulder training that shows you how to create these extensions.

The next question is WHY would you want to?


  • You can offer one as a Lead Magnet
  • You van instant message with 100% deliverability all who install it
  • You can use for SEO to get Google Backlinks to your videos or web articles
  • You can create for and sell to local businesses

And in the interview, Curt explainsmore.

Add to this….

(According to their JV page), Chromicode allows you to:

  • Grab a ton of leads and subscribers in ANY Niche from the Chrome Extension Directory.
  • Deliver Unlimited Persistent Push Notifications.
  • Drive targeted free traffic to any page or offer (ideal for new affiliate marketers) from a massive audience of over 1.3 Million users.
  • Create As Many Extensions as they like! Totally Unlimited!
  • Create Extensions With Zero Experience. 100% Newbie Friendly.  Anyone can do this.
  • Works on both Mac and PC

ChromiCode Interview with Curt Corley

Now, some of you may have heard of or bought a previous product called ChromEngage.

I did not promote that and glad I didn’t. Here is why:


ChromiCode Funnel

The below image shows the Chromicode funnel:

ChromiCode Review

You’ll need to decide what parts of the funnel are best for you. I am going to buy this for myself along with Whitelabel reseller rights.


Summary: Follow the training and build an extension or 10. 

You can use it to:

+ Communicate with everyone who installs and ask them opt-in aka build a list

+ Grow Your YouTube channel

+ Find free HTML games and embed in your extension and then sell related stuff via messages

+ Find a related CPA offer and sell that via the instant messaging service.

+ Promote your own stuff to them

+ Use it for SEO and add your links. Embed your videos in the app. Instant messages

This is really amazing and IF you can process the possibilities of this, then you WILL get it. Why? you’d be silly not to.

I hope you liked this ChromiCode review and If you would like to grab it, then clear your cookies and hit the red button below.


I was thinking about what kind of bonuses I could offer, and to be honest, I could not think of anything that would compliment this as it’s great on its own and a ton of bonuses would just add more to your hard drive and prevent you from using this tool.

One of the Great things about Chrome Extensions is that anyone who installs it is now in your sphere of influence. So I will help the building of a list with these  bonuses:


1. Video Ads Tutorial to promote your extension.

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