Episode 96 – Click Rate Fusion Review

Episode 96 – Click Rate Fusion Review
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Click Rate Fusion Review

Live>> Sunday, August 16th @ 11 .00 a.m. EST

Click Rate Fusion is all about Email. If that is your thing, or a subject you are looking to improve, then read on.

Email is king, always has been. There are some folk who do it right (mix value and sales), some that try and do it right (value but never sell = no money) and the idiots (promo something new every day/other day but offer no value).

Email has fascinated me for a while, and this beginners course is, well…. let’s check:

Click Rate Fusion Review Video

Click Rate Fusion Funnel

Upsell 1: Bare Knuckle Marketing

Price: $14.00 

Bare Knuckle Marketing Is a case study of how Aidan went from having absolutely no experience online to earning a $4000 payday in the space of a few months.

Upsell 2 : Tube Enigma

Price: $14.00

A  video training course that will show you how to generate targeted traffic to your website from YouTube.

They can both be got in a bundle for $22 if you want.

All bonuses will be automatically delivered inside of JVzoo.

The Better Than CPA System Review


Main Bonus:

Video on the 6 essential factors to a successful email. It starts WAY before you even consider penning the message. A real supplement to this product that will more than give you ALL you need to know to get started.

I’ll even throw these in too.


Bonus #1 – List Success ($27 value)

ecover-large1Master building a responsive list with email





Bonus #2 – Simple List Building Profits ($27 value)

UnknownLearn some secret ways to build a list that most folk don’t know about. I wrote this.






Bonus #3 – Define your avatar ($27 value)



How to uncover your perfect target customer in any niche. Do this and you can market to anyone.

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