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Episode 168 – Content Kingpin Review


Content Curation Mastery

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Today we are going to look at something called Content Kingpin which is from the team at Semantic Mastery. If you’ve never heard of them, then I’ll tell you what I know.

Semantic Mastery is a team of entrepreneurs, headed by Bradley Benner, who specialise in SEO. They have a bunch of trainings that you can pick up (and I am one of their customers as I’ve bought YouTube ranking tutorials).

They do a lot with ranking sites, videos and use IFTTT and A whole bunch of other very clever things that make my head hurt. In short, they know their stuff.

I was approached by one of their team regarding this launch and I was lucky enough to snag a review of the whole funnel. The product is called Content Kingpin and is delivered inside a very slick and well put together membership site. These guys are pros and it comes across like that.

All content is delivered via video that is well created, clear and to the point and is logically ordered so anyone can follow it.

Content Kingpin, the front end offer is a course that shows you exactly how to get the content you need, researched and curated for the lowest possible price and in a quick time frame.

It covers things such as locating and collecting content manually, curating and publishing and then syndicating with IFTTT. They do go over PBNs which is not something I use myself.

Content Kingpin does have some advanced concepts and is more for folk that want to create some money sites and then have a lot of sub sites that link back to the money site. All these sites need good quality content. This is how to get it done.

This is not a product about site creation. It’s about content. Plenty of WordPress basics videos on YouTube for that 🙂

Content Kingpin Review Video (Playlist of funnel too)

As you can see from the above playlist, I went over the  OTOs as well. Tube Kingpin and outsource Kingpin.

Content Kingpin Review – Sales Funnel

Front End: $67 0r Cheatsheet PDF $17 for the video trainings


  • Clean Membership Site
  • Well produced videos.Nice flow. Clear to understand


  • A little expensive
  • Does not talk about avatar creation

TIP: If you are on the fence, grab the $17 cheatsheet and if it looks like something you could use, then get the videos.

OTO 1: $47 – Tube Kingpin

This interested me the most and I thought it covered some interesting stuff about the different type of channels. Some of the videos could have been more detailed. This is not click by click but rather talking you through what to do.

OTO2: $77 – Outsource Kingpin

Of all the offers, I could use this the most myself as I know how frustrating getting good staff can be. If you are new, you do not need this but if you can spare $3-400 a month and are at the stage where you are considering a hire, then this will be invaluable.

Bradley has gone from a one man team to having a large staff and he knows the score.

PS…If you enjoyed this content kingpin review, please leave me a comment and all bonuses will be delivered automatically insode of JVzoo.

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