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Episode 52 CPA Factory Review

CPA Factory

CPA Factory



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        CPA Factory Review – Ranking your CPA Videos Plus a Ninja Software


        CPA Factory is a CPA/YouTube ranking guide priced at $9.94 and goes live on Feb 27th at 11AM EST.

        While the PDF is ok, what I really like is the first OTO.

        The Front end of CPA Factory, which I review in the video, is more aimed at the beginner, although there are a few modules that stood out; the monetization one and the final back linking module.

        CPA Factory Review Video


        The funnel:

        OTO 1 $27 CPA Redirect Pro. This is awesome as it’s software that redirects users based on their Geographic location so that you do not lose any CPA traffic.

        OTO 2 $17 >> Graphics Pack


        CPA Factory Review


        Extra Bonuses Bundle: 22 Simple CPA Profits Videos Not available anymore to the public.

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