CPA Lead Machine Review

Episode 125 – CPA Lead Machine Review

Episode 125 – CPA Lead Machine Review
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CPA Lead Machine Review

Click Here on January 17th, 2016 @ 11:00am EST

CPA Lead Machine is a training on list building and lead generation using BING Ads. It is delivered in 2 sections:

a) A BING Case Study

b) Advanced training

Everything is video training and the creator, Neil tries to make sure that no stone is left unturned.

But is it a good quality offer? Find out all about it in my Exclusive Interview with Neil Moran

CPA Lead Machine Interview with Neil Moran

Could Neil have been more succinct in the videos? Sure. And some of the technical aspects may need you to go back and forth but I can tell he put a lot into this and I respect that.

CPA Lead Machine Funnel:

Front End: $7 Dime sale – Video Training Guide with extensive Tracking training (vital)

OTO 1:  $21 CPA Lead Machine Pro

OTO 2: $42 CPA Lead Machine Template Pack (Done for templates to save time)

I have since reviewed the Template pack as Neil got in touch and asked me to go through it. Here is my short review of the Template Pack >> OTO 2.

 CPA Lead Machine OTO 2 Review

Click on the link below to pick this up (rave reviews from customers already on Neil’s internal launch) and the bonuses will be delivered inside of JVZoo along with your purchase.

Smart Member 2.0 Review

Extra Tracking Training: 

a) Sub Ids – What are they?

b) Tracking on Blogs/websites. How to track once traffic from BING hits your site.


YouTube CPA Video Training

Simple CPA 2


Added EXTRA Bonus:

How to master ANY skill you need to Affiliate marketing. HTML, PHP, Photoshop, Copy…ANYTHING even if you have ZERO skills

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