Episode 135 – CPA Masters Academy Review

CPA Masters Academy Review

February 24th at 11:00 AM EST

CPA is one of the most sought after yet one of the most mis-taught things out there. The amount of $7-$10 PDFs or even video guides that are out there from folk that are on-hit wonders or even downright liars is incredible.

CPA is NOT easy. It requires effort, mindset and attention to detail.

In short, it is driving traffic to someone else’s offer with the goal that viewer takes a specific action: such as buy something, opt-in, download something..etc.

This is done either by direct linking (for the beginner and a good place to start, but less effective) or to a presell page such as a blog article, advertorial, squeeze page (works much much better but is harder).

To be a success, you need to be a jack of all trades and a master of numbers. Once you understand tracking, then it comes down to just dedicating time to scaling up or cutting back depending on the numbers.

Also, you do NOT need to master ALL traffic sources. Just be excellent in ONE source. Then , move on. Do not  try to do it all.

BING and/or Facebook is the place to start. From there, you can, move onto Google, Native ads or other networks.

CPA Masters Academy, is the best CPA training I have EVER reviewed. I explain more in the videos.

CPA Masters Academy Review Videos (playlist)

I hope you enjoyed the videos and that they answered any questions you may have had. Any more then please ask them below in the comments section.

CPA MASTERS Academy Pros/Cons


  • Superb quality of teaching
  • Combined knowledge of 7 figure earners and 25 years
  • Many traffic sources covered
  • Over the shoulder set-up. The way it should be.


  • Requires investment and strong mindset
  • Email section a bit weak from the point of view of offering value to subscribers, but this type of email works for CPA offers.


CPA Masters Academy Funnel

CPA Masters Academy


I think the front end has been reviewed enough on this site. It is the member’s site with a LOT of good quality training. NONE of the OTOS are needed to make this work.

OTO1: $47 – This targeting tool will pull high converting interests and targets right from Facebook so you can target your offers to the next level without any manual niche research needed.

OTO2: $47 – Total ecom Domination Lite is a Shopify course that will help you boost your Shopify Sales using Facebook Ads.

OTO3: $97 per month or $497 – VIP Members will get access to aVIP community and Facebook Group. A place where they say they will share advanced ideas, high converting offers, landing pages and offers which users can follow along with. Also promised are additional world class support with regular webinars where users can engage and follow.

PS…Pls Leave questions below related to CPA Masters Academy

CPA Masters Academy


2.Tracking Mastery – Improvely, CPV Lab, Sub Ids, ClickBank All-in One Video Training

3. Email Series that you can edit in the health/Dieting Niche

4. Graphics Pack for your Pages Creation

5. Code for Native Ads on YOUR sites

6.Redirect code

7. Avatar PDF


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  1. Hi Adam,

    I wanted to speak about your offer more. If I click through with your link, I see (what I assume is) your affiliate ID to CPA Masters Academy. What I wanted to find out is if I sign through that and pay the now $247 (missed out on the $197 offer price), will I get your additional training at no extra cost? Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards


  2. Hi Adam,

    Just to confirm, I bought the CPA master Academy through your affiliate link. Please could you let me know how to gain your additional Bonuses?


    • Hi Jignesh,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The bonuses are all inside of JVZoo wiht your purchase. I will email
      you privately to ensure you get them.




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