CPA Roadmap Review

Episode 62 CPA Roadmap Review

Episode 62 CPA Roadmap Review
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CPA Roadmap Review

CPA Roadmap is a product I have played some part in creating. I personally recorded the videos for the OTO.

More on that later…

Let’s talk a little about the main product. It’s a meaty 56 page PDF that is basically a roadmap to successful CPA Marketing. It is written by Pedro Lopes.

We also have a plugin in the funnel that will solve the issue of GEO targeted traffic. As you may know, when someone finds your link on YouTube, we have no way of knowing where they come from. So if your offer is for US traffic only, and someone from the UK hits the link, it’s basically lost traffic.

That is where the plugin comes in to help.

Rather than write more, here’s a video review of CPA Roadmap.

CPA Roadmap Review Video

So there you have it. Here’s the CPA Roadmap Funnel as a recap:


F/End CPA Roadmap PDF  $4-$7 Dime sale

OTO 1 Over the Shoulder Videos and Geo Plugin $27

OTO 2 Plugin only $9

OTO 3 Pinterest Profits $4-$7 Dime sale

CPA Roadmap Review




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