How to Create a GIF [Then Add to Email]

How to Create a GIF

Today I’m not reviewing anything, just a free training on a cool little trick I’ve been using recently.

This will make your emails stand out by adding what looks like a part of your video but is actually a gif or animated image.

The only thing is, to follow the video, you’ll need:

+ Tube Buddy

+ Aweber ( Or similar autoresponder)

Once you have these two things, then all you need to do is follow  my video instructions.

How to Create a GIF Video Tutorial


I will add that you should use this sparingly. Plain emails with no distractions are best but every now and then this spices them up. especially as most folk do not know how to do it.

Let me know what you thought on this video post on how to create a GIF by leaving a comment and/or sharing this post.

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