Episode 309 – DFY Video Agency Review

Last updated on January 8, 2020

DFY Video Agency Review

16th December AT 11 AM EST

In this post, I’m going to be doing a DFY video agency review.

In short, you get 3 video apps along with resellers license and the possibility of getting white label rights.

I’ll briefly explain the tools below and then after that will give you a walkthrough via my video review.

Mario Brown, whose products I have reviewed from time to time was kind enough to give me review access.

While you get the 3 apps, you also get all the materials you need to run all the software without spending a dime.

The 3 Apps you get:


Video app #1: Videlligence

Videlligence is an intelligence-inspired software that converts any product page into  video ads automatically.

Simply put any link from Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Etsy…etc

Videlligence automatically grabs product information, price and images and combines all these elements to make a video for FB Ads, eCom, Social Media etc.

A couple of minutes later, you will have a decent looking video ready to be uploaded on Facebook and Youtube directly.

Note: Really only useful for e-com stuff. It was not really designed for selling info or training products.

Video app #2: Storie


Storie is specifically designed to leverage engagement on Instagram.
You can easily and quickly create video content for your existing Instagram followers. 
DFY Video Agency Review

Video app #3: Viddictive

Viddictive allows you to create professional and highly engaging animated video ads creation and promotion suite with 100% Facebook integration.

There are 3 steps to using this:
Select between 250 converting video ads that designed for Facebook advertising.

Create videos with drag-and-drop Technology.

Write or paste any text and will transform it into a video

FB Marketing API helps you to build your video ad campaign.

So, now let’s look inside and find what you get and how it all works:

DFY Video Agency Review Video

DFY Video Agency Funnel

A bit of an OTT funnel to me but it is what it is and if you can stretch to the white label, you can start off the new year with some video apps you could rebrand and resell as your own.

DFY Video Agency summary:

You can use these 3 apps for yourself OR you can sell them to clients.

Another use is to create videos for clients and sell them

Finally you could use these as bonuses for your own affiliate promotions.

F/E and OTO 1 recommended.

DFY Video Agency Bonus

I could go and create one of those massive bonuses but what good would that be?
No-one needs 150 plugins with a fake $50,000 value attached.

So, I decided to give you access to the front end of my new course, funnel snoop.

Please note it’s not fully complete yet.

Therefore, this is what you should do:

  • Clear cookies
  • Buy via the link below
  • Access the bonus page which will be alongside your purchase inside JVZoo 
  • Follow instructions on there to see how to get access to FunnelSnoop


DFY Video Agency Review

Extra Bonuses


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The Sample Video I referred to in the main review video

NOTE: This is not the best video ever, just something that took me 90 secs to make.