eCom Experts Academy Review

Episode 85 – eCom Experts Academy Review

Episode 85 – eCom Experts Academy Review
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eCom Experts Academy Review

Goes Live July 14th

Today I am reviewing a product that came across my desk totally unexpectedly, yet was very welcome.

I’ve always wanted to venture into ECommerce but have been so busy that I had always put it on the backburner.

So when I got this review, I was so eager to check it out and it is very very detailed.

eCom Experts Academy Review Video

I hope you appreciated my honest review. I am looking forward to learning with you.

ECom Experts Academy is such a detailed course that covers all things Shopify, I found it hard to do it justice. I made more videos for YouTube to review various parts of the product.

To Access the other videos, here is the playlist link.

eCom Experts Academy Funnel

Price = $47 for the first 2 days. This will increase to $67 and then to $97 as the launch goes on so make a decision quickly.

OTO = $197 Mastermind

Ok, so I hope you enjoyed this eCom Experts Academy Review post…

eCom Academy Review



Video : YouTube technique that will rank #1 on YouTube and Google Page 1, then redirect back to your site to sell products. I also include a download link to the software I use to upload my pre-recorded videos directly to YouTube (MAC Version only).

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