Toob Ring of fire review

Episode 111 – Toob Ring of Fire Review

Episode 111 – Toob Ring of Fire Review
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Toob Ring of Fire Review

I came across this product via someone in my Beers With Adam Facebook group so I went ahead, bought it and liked what I saw.

Kurt Melvin has ben doing SEO for longer than anyone I guess. Since 1996. Way before YouTube even existed.

He is the owner and moderator of the Warrior Forum’s own High Voltage Video Section. I am a paid member of it, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one of his products. Kurt is an SEO guy, not a product creator so this launch is not well-known.

Good thing for you and I though. Less folk will know his secrets 🙂

Grab it here

Toob Ring of Fire Review Video


There are NO OTOS. Just a one off product for $15.95

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