Tube Ad Rocket Review

Episode 114 – Tube Ad rocket Review

Episode 114 – Tube Ad rocket Review
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Tube Ad rocket Review – Drive Views, Leads & Income By Placing Your Video Ads In Front Of The Right Audience…

Tube Ad Rocket only came across my desk recently and it’s a software that could potentially solve a lot of problems. I say potentially as I, personally, have not tested it out. (I want to be 100% up front about that). BUT, Cliff Carrigan, the man behind the madness I know. I’ve learnt from him in the past and he is a bonafide Video genius who has been doing this longer than he’d care to remember.
Video Ads are H.O.T. The only problem is the research that is needed is tedious. So like  a lot of folk, I use Veeroll. Veeroll is great. Does the job and more and even creates your videos for you. BUT, it’s a monthly payment of $47.
Cliff, at least for PC users, has solved this issue. I have a MAC and do not use Parallels. I’m 100% MAC only. If you are able to run windows on your MAC or have Windows then this is for you. This is why I have not tested it but knowing Cliff, I know it’ll be top notch for sure.
Tube Ad Rocket replicates the core process of online apps such as VeeRoll and TubeSift – i.e. finding and compiling those targeted, search term related, monetized video urls to paste into YT Video Ad Campaigns, without recurring $47 a month fees!
To boot, they have added some bonuses: YouTube Ad Training by a Certified Google Adwords Partner and separate but complimentary Video Ad Training focusing on keeping Ad spend to a minimum.
Here is a demo of Cliff going through Tube Ad Rocket:

Tube Ad rocket review Tutorial – See it inAction!

If you have a PC, and do video, then will be really helpful to you. The OTO is cheaper than the main offer as well (bit like in real life) so well worth an extra $17.

When you grab the software, and get taken to the OTO page, watch the cool video. Very well done and explains all. This is a STEAL.

Tube Ad rocket Funnel:

Front End Software: $37-$47

OTO $ 17 Done For You Product with FULL Resale Rights


My bonuses will be delivered automatically with your purchase

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