Tube CPA Loophole Review

Episode 95 – Tube CPA Loophole Review

Episode 95 – Tube CPA Loophole Review
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Tube CPA Loophole Review

Goes Live Aug 12th Weds 9AM

I am gonna be up front. When I was sent Tube CPA Loophole, I thought it was going to be BS. I like the guys behind it but I hate the word ‘Loophole’.

But I have learnt never to presume anything until you have tried it for yourself.

It is a technique (not loophole) that claims to rank page one for super hard keywords and get CPA commissions. So does it?

I spent $7 to implement the training. they claim $2 in the PDF/sales letter but it is not $2, it’s $7 minimum. Not sure why they would not just say $7 but heck, $7 is still cheap

Here is my proof on whether it works or not.

Tube CPA Loophole Review Video Proof

Tube CPA Loophole Funnel

OTO 1 ($17) – Video Walkthrough + Case Studies

Over the shoulder videos plus…Real Life case studies -2 real life case studies.The first they  show you the results they got and CPA commissions made. In another case study it’s list building.

OTO 2 ($27) – Complete Done For You Package

A ‘Done For You System.

Snap Affiliate Profits



All bonuses for CPA Tube Loophole will be auto delivered inside W plus.

My template to give to Fiverr so that you can have a ready to go transcript for your videos. Just fill in the blanks for any niche/service.




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