Episode 234 – Evolution Review

Evolution Review

Gonna keep this one short and sweet. Yesterday I actually BOUGHT this product. I had low expectations but damn was I wrong. This is a truly great training. It’s different, well taught, easy for anyone and just…well…GOOD!

Jaykay Dowdall ( whom I had never heard of till yesterday) made it. He’s a skilled teacher and I like his style.

Evolution, his product is an affiliate marketing training with a twist. I love it!

Evolution Review Video


The Only negative is concerning the Facebook Video Ad captions ( I cover this in my bonus) but honestly, it’s a minor thing.

Video Marketing Insider

My Evolution Bonuses: CLEAR COOKIES FIRST

1. Underground Video Technique for View EXPLOSION. This is not widely known. It involves a few changes to your video and it makes Facebook show your video to a MUCH higher audience. Super cool and worth its weight in gold!

2. Page to GROUP growth technique How this video ad strategy will get more member’s to your group. You can sell them stuff inside and groups are much more active than pages in general.

3. Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet for the beginner. All terms and topics explained

4. YouTube Video Captions CODE hacks.

5.How to change your YouTube Embed codes so that captions appear on your website with or without autoplay. Great for webinar replays, Sales videos, regular videos… YOU WILL STAND OUT

PLUS 2 of my other products:



Social Traffic Alchemy shows a grey hat way to take viral YouTube videos, and use them on FanPages to get massive audiences. Use this alongside Mario’s to get even better results.







Tube Traffic Alchemy Review

Tube Traffic Alchemy shows you how you can use a FREE software and upload pre-recorded videos as Live events. I also show you a thorough ranking process as well as advanced playlist training.





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