Freedym Review

Episode 208 – Freedym Review

Episode 208 – Freedym Review
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Freedym Review

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Membership sites are one of the best ways to get some form of stability in your income. From the customer’s prospective paying a monthly fee can be both good and bad, depending on how good the treatment is.

If a site is not updated, then it can seem kinda pointless. But if the site is updated, members get fantastic treatment and the actual content is top-notch, then it can be much better than buying new product after new training.

I’m a member of a few membership sites, and one of them is called Freedym by Ryan Lee. Ryan Lee has been around for many many years and is behind some of the biggest success stories there are. He works from a coffee shop mainly these days and built a movement called Freedym for lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Inside there is so much info it’s crazy. From interviews, to over the shoulder tutorials, to full on multiple video training courses.

Everything is covered. Tech, traffic, conversions, mindset, copy, social media, e-com….much more thanI can type in here.

In fact, check out my Freedym overview video below.

Freedym Review Video

They have a $1 trial and then it is $30 a month.

Like I mentioned in the video, I’ve been a member for approx 6 months and the thought of cancelling has not even crossed my mind.

The quality of the interviews, trainings, tutorials far exceeds the majority of stand alone products.

And the wide mix means there is something for everyone.

The only issue you may have is too much information so be calm and strategic when deciding hat to watch and some stuff, no matter how great, will not be necessary for you.

For example, I know it’s a great platform, but right now, Instagram is something I have zero interest in and if I began to watch videos on it, it would take my focus away. So I keep away from all thing Instagram for now.

Honestly, that’s all I got. Your call. The link is below in a ghastly orange button.

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