Episode 205 – GB Cracked Review

Last updated on May 12, 2017

GB Cracked Review

Goes live on May 14th @10AM EST

Facebook ads courses are a dime a dozen. some are good, others bad. So when I heard about another one I as not sure I could be bothered. But I know and like the guys behind it so I looked.

In short, it’s a FB ads course for the beginner and intermediate marketer teaching how to make money on a platform called GearBubble.

GearBubbble (GB) is run by Donald Wilson and i like Teespring but with mugs and accessories.

These best part of this kind of platform is all you have to do is come up with designs and then run ads. you never need to see or touch any physical products. Well, unfortunately, it is not so simple. Otherwise everyone who tried it would be rich.

That said, Demetris ( the guy who does the training) takes you over his shoulder and gives you as much help and guidance as possible.

He has the proof to back up his claims too.

It won’t make you rich, but it could provide you a starting point to get some traction and income before you scale up to the next level.

And while I would not want to distract from what you are dong if you are having success, you should at least check it out and see if it is for you.

GB Cracked Review Video

GB Cracked Review of the Funnel

F/End: $17-$27 but first 4 hours will be $7

    Video Training Series, Training Videos Teaching The Methods, Over-The-Shoulder Style Videos

OTO 1: $37

  • Advanced Training on FB Ads, Tweaking Ads
  • OTO 2: $47
  • 100 ready-made, High Quality Designs    *NOTE 50 designs for the downsell ( $27)
  • OTO 2: $67
  • Inner circle style coaching

PS…MOST Jvs will push the OTOS as there is a contest on that, but for me, OTO 1 and/or 3 look the best ones.

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1. Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet for the beginner. All terms and topics explained

2. Image Resources

3. How to Organise your campaigns so you keep everything slick

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