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Episode 248 – GMB Local Review

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Google My Business / GMB Local Review

One of the greatest things about not being part of the circle jerk crew is that others who feel the same come into your sphere of influence.

A while back now ( maybe two years) I met, at least in an online sense a guy called Paul Truscott. He joined my Beers with Adam group. Even better, he bought a few of my YouTube products.

Over time he became very knowledgable and focused on local marketing. This is one aspect of YouTube that I do not do so much of. In fact, he became so good I asked him to contribute to my Video Marketing Insider course (my video membership site).

His training on ranking video for local clients was amazing and people loved it. I got so much great feedback commending Paul on his knowledge. In particular, it was how he was able to get GMB (Google My Business) rankings on Google.

Now, along with his business partner and another very smart local marketer, John Currie, they have launched their own masterpiece, GMB Local.

Is this for you?

GMB Local is purely for small business owners, or those who who provide a service to local businesses, with the exact knowledge and tools they need to compete and totally dominate in their area or niche (and beyond).

GMB Local can be used in a similar fashion to an encyclopaedia. If you need information simply select the category, select the video you need and within 5 – 10 minutes you have got the exact info you require.

These guys have spent over 650 hours researching, testing and creating this content. It is up to date as of June 2018, and will continue to be updated going forward.

You also get an amazing Free Software which costs $37 per month if you buy what is online right now. So that web-based software for free is amazing. So what is this software?

FREE  Maps Driving Directions Software!

Create hundreds of powerful maps with driving directions to power up your GMB listings. The most powerful and easy to use map software available. 

GMB Local Review – Interview with Paul

Note: The review is at the end, most of this is an interview with Paul and starts at 31:21

We had a little issue with our original plan so had to resort to Skype. For the most part, it’s fine.

Click Here to access your FREE Software

(Instructions with your download. Unzip the file then open up the html one)


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