hydrofunnels review

Episode 20 – HydroFunnel Review

Episode 20 – HydroFunnel Review
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HydroFunnel Review – Is It All It’s Made Out To Be?


HydroFunnel is a product by a guy called Mike Buontempo. I had heard of him before as he is in a grew high end mastermind groups as me but we have never really spoken.

Anyhow, he just released a product which is not made yet! Yep, you read that right.

Rather than me talk about Hydrofunnel, which is hard as I haven’t seen it yet, I’ll show you my Hydrofunnels review video.

HydroFunnel Review- Let’s clear this up

My Hydrofunnel review video

So there you have it. For $7, it is worth it in my opinion to hopefully see/get some golden nuggets. As for the OTOs and the downesll, you can make up your mind and may went to wait until the training is complete.

I myself have picked up Hydrofunnel and am looking forward to watching it. Trouble is, my sister is flying over to Japan that day so I guess I will have to pick her up.

She and her son don’t go back till the 3rd, so I hope I can secretly squeeze in some time to watch this as I am excited to learn from Mike. You can grab your copy below if this sounds like something that you would be keen on.

hydro funnel


And don’t worry if you cannot make the training as these screenshots show 🙂


Hydrofunnel review


recorded 2


And before you ask, no bonuses this time. Why? For $7 to get what ‘should’ be an awesome live training, you’ll have enough on your plate.


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