Episode 279- IM Masters Checklist Review – YouTube Advertising

Last updated on January 8, 2020

IM Masters Checklist Review

YouTube ads are getting more and more popular yet still, very few people know how to do them properly.

And, for a beginner, it can get slightly overwhelming.

Inside my Video Marketing Insiders course, I have a TON of videos on this very topic as I do as part of The Affiliate Oracle.

But I teach in video format.

I prefer it.

Some others, however, prefer to read. 

So that is why this product today may be of interest to you.

It’s called IM Masters Checklist and this one is all about YouTube Advertising. 

IM Masters Checklist Review Video


1. YouTube Advertising Basics & Getting Started
2. A How To Guide On Promoting Your Video Ads On Google AdWords
3. Best Practices For YouTube Ad Videos
4. Google AdWords Tutorial
5. How to Create Your First AdWords Campaign with Video
6. YouTube Advertising Advanced Targeting Options
7. How To Plan Your YouTube Advertising Campaign
8. YouTube Advertising The Key Metrics You Need To Monitor
9. How to Optimize Your Video Ads
10. Setting Up A YouTube Remarketing List
11. Tips and Basics of YouTube Remarketing
12. How to Set Up an Overlay Ad on YouTube
13. How to Set Up Bumper Ads on YouTube
14. How to Set Up Display Ads on YouTube
15. How to Set Up Non-Skippable Ads on YouTube
16. How To Set Up Sponsored Cards On YouTube
17. How to Setup an Effective AdWords Advertising Budget
18. Final YouTube Advertising Checklist


As you get PLR rights, you can use them as lead magnets for your business if it helps?

IM Masters Checklist Funnel


Front End: 18 checklists on YouTube Advertising.

Price: $17.00 –

Upsell #1:  IM Checklist Monthly membership site.

Price: $17.00 Recurring Monthly

Upsell #2: 10 Day Product Creation Boot Camp

Price: $447 and $497

The training includes over 13 hours of webinar webinar, includes access to Kevin and his private FB Groups.


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