Episode 228 – Instant Profit Formula Review

Last updated on December 14, 2017

Instant Profit Formula Review

Goes Live Dec 14th @10 AM EST

One of the most important aspects of having a successful business online is having your own products. Not only does it position you as an expert, it also builds a real buyers list. If you treat your list right, then this is an asset that will pay dividends for years to come.

But, the problems of product creation are many:

+ It’s not a sexy topic

+ People do not know WHAT to create

+ Folk do not know HOW to make it

+ People get caught up with the DELIVERY of the product

+ How do you make it secure from online thieves?

+ People struggle do you make your product KNOWN

+ How do you get others to promote it for you ( without being part of a circle jerk crew)

Anyone ( and me included) who has made their own products has had these issues.

Here are some of my failures:

+ Sold 33 unites of 1 PDF

+ Had my first big JVZoo launch crash as my hosting went down mid launch and my hosting company removed Optimize Press2 as they blamed the theme taking EVERYTHING away.

But what does not kill you makes you stronger. I have had a 6-figure launch and made more than that just launching my own stuff and doing things my way.

Some practical product creation tips:

+ Survey your list if you have one. Google Drive has a free survey option. use the responses to make a product

+ No list? Then go to forums and see the struggles folk are having.

One of my friends, David Fearon has done well with his own product launching and has built a great tribe of folk who follow him and his teachings. If you want to learn about product creation from scratch, then his Instant Profit Formula course is a great place to start

Instant Profit Formula Review Video


So, as you can see it is a very thorough course. And David is one of the few good guys who really goes the extra length to support those who buy his stuff. You’ll be in good hands.

Instant Profit Formula Funnel Review

Front End $7.95 :

Case Study detailing how David went about creating a WSO of The Day Product and huge over-delivery of product creation videos, both PowerPoint and over the shoulder.  He goes into detail from the “big idea” graphics, creation, all the way to release date, follow up and what next!

Upgrade 1 $27:

Instant Profit Sorcery compliments Formula perfectly. Multiple done for you sales pages including 2 of David’  that converted at 17%. Also included are JV page scripts, designs, video scripts etc.

Upgrade 2 $47:

Instant Social Cartel…this “done for you” sales pages, JV pages, JV scripts, graphics.  Also includes David’s Instant Profits Formula Traffic Flood e-book…55 Pages of traffic tips.

Upgrade 3 $27 p.m :

Access to Richie Nolan’s and Andy Brocklehurst’s Total Funnel Formula membership group. This is a recurring payment of $27 per month with a $7, seven day trial.  The membership group offers weekly updates and coaching calls on how to build out an ever green funnel.

Summary of Instant Profit Formula


+ Very very in depth

+ Well taught with clear videos and he has done this several times so he has experience. And David has done this WITHOUT being part of any circle jerk so that is good to know.

+ David supports his customers very well.


  • The funnel is a bit long for my liking. Upgrade 1/2 are not needed for you to succeed here. I am wary with Done For You as they attract the buyer with the wrong mindset and you need the right mindset to win.

So that is my Instant Profit Formula Review. To get access clear cookies and then hit the red buy button below. And my bonus video will be delivered automatically with your purchase inside.



Bonus Deal

I will give you a video where I talk you through my 6-figure launch and how I covered my own weak points to make it a success.

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