Episode 225 – Instant Social Profits Review

Last updated on October 22, 2017

Instant Social Profits Review

Launching On Tuesday 31st October at 10 AM EST

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he main reason I have decided to review and tell you about Instant Social Profits by David Fearon is that is is something that he has been doing for a long time. And it has meant he does not have to work a 9-5 job.

This is his second ever product and the first one was on a similar topic.

In short, it is how David researches and builds out multiple Facebook groups in a variety of niches. And then, more importantly how he makes money from them.

Note: This is not about Facebook ads and not your typical FB course.

And at $7, it is a bit too cheap. But that is good news for you and I.

It is nothing to do with Fan Pages either and can work in a multitude of different niches. So here is my Instant Social Profits review video:

Instant Social Profits Review video

Instant Social Profits Interview

Instant Social Profits Review of the Funnel

Front End: $7.95

A step by step video training of how David grew multiple “niched” Facebook groups and monetised them. His main group is now 26,000 member and growing by 30-80 members a day!

Upgrade 1: $27

9 video upgrade compliments the front end. David expands and goes deeper into EXACTLY how to expand both with physical and digital products.  There is also some affiliate marketing training with a heavy leaning on relationship building within your groups.

Upgrade 2: $47

Instant Social Takeover…Exactly how David  runs his business, all the way from Facebook groups to getting people in those groups onto Instagram, email and many more ways insightful ways into monetising Facebook groups of any size.

Upgrade 3: 
Access to Richie Nolan’s and Andy Brocklehurst’s Total Funnel Formula membership group. This is a recurring payment of $27 per month with a $7, seven day trial.  The membership group offers weekly updates and coaching calls on how to build out an every green funnel. David is launching with Riche, and Andy is Richie’s partner ( If that helps lol).


+ David actually does this every day. This is not based on theory

+ Way too cheap but not my call 🙂

+ Very congruent funnel


  • Some Whiteboard videos ( not all though and to be fair, I am being a bit pedantic here)
  • Quite a long funnel

In summary, this is a very good, cheap, easy to follow product that can work for anyone. You get access to David in his FB group so for the cost, this should be an easy choice.

I hope you liked this Instant Social Profits Review. Please ask any questions below and clear cookies before you decide to buy via the button below.

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