Episode 209 – Instant Spokesperson 4 Review

Instant Spokesperson 4 Review

June 02,2017 @ 10AM EDT (Early Bird FE Price $14.95)

No, I’ve not gone back to the dark side by reviewing dodgy IM products. Though there are a lot of them, so that would be easy if I wanted. Anyhow this is neither a training nor software. Put simply, you get 12 HD videos with a bunch of background and music in local niches.

You can edit them, rent or sell them to local businesses anywhere you wish. You get 3 variations per niche.

Niches included:

Windshield Repair

Web Developer

Disaster Recovery (Flood & Fire)

Veterinary Care

Home Remodeling

Storage Facility

Tire Shop


Autobody Shop

Concrete Company

Home Siding

Kitchen Cabinets

So, if you are into local marketing, then you should check them 0ut. The quality is good and they’ve used actors in making them.

Don’t think that the videos will be saturated as not only can you edit the ( you get a video editor software) but the chances of 2 folk approaching the same company are crazy low.

    • Instant Spokesperson 4 Review Video


  • Instant Spokesperson 4 Funnel

Instant Spokesperson 4 Review

FE – $14.95 for early bird

OTO 1 Done For You Green Screen Video Pal Ready Videos – $27

OTO 2More 20 Done For You Video Pal Ready Videos + 20 Ready To Use Videos – $37

OTO 3 – Instant Spokesperson Club Membership – Over 120+ Niches with New Being Added Every Single Month


Do you need them? That’s your call.

Any trouble accessing the bonus, let me know and I’ll sort it.


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