InstaThumbnail Review

Episode 93 InstaThumbnail Review

Episode 93 InstaThumbnail Review
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InstaThumbnail Review

Goes Live Aug 4th @11AM EST

InstaThumbnail Review – The most important goal of any YouTube video is to get the click. Why? Because when you get the click, you get the view. Then you get the desired action to be taken and from there, the sky is the limit.

But if no-one clicks on your video, then nothing else can possibly happen.

To get the click, one of THE best ways is to have an attractive (or ugly) custom thumbnail that gets the attention of the potential viewer.

Until now, you had to be great with graphics, be a photoshop ninja or spend $300 on Camtasia to make them. That or pay someone to do it which over time can add up in cost.

Joey Xoto has solved this with InsaThumbnail. This is an Adobe Air software (meaning it works on a MAC or PC) that allows even the most technically challenged person to create professional thumbnails.

InstaThumbnail Review Video

So that’s the InstaThumbnial video review, here is the overall sales funnel:

InstaThumbnail Funnel

I have only seen the front end, so cannot review the whole funnel. Joey Xoto is known for putting out quality stuff though.

Front End $27 -47 – Adobe Air Software

OTO 1 $67 Insta Compete

OTO 2 $47 Insta Convert

So, I hope you got some value from my InstaThumbnail Review. Please let me know if you have any questions and share the post. Thanks.

InstaThumnail review


Special Bonus>> I had to Twist Joey’s arm to get this for ya. Here’s a preview:
This will be delivered inside JVzoo too!

Video 1: How to Syndicate ALL your Videos on Auto Pilot for Free and get huge Social Signals

Video 2:  Branding. How to add Branding to ALL your videos

Video 3: Autoplay Function. What can you do Training.

Video 4: YouTube Cards and How to use them properly

Video 5: How to Get FREE video topics forever

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