Episode 231 – Interactr 2 Review

Last updated on February 9, 2018

Interactr 2 Review

Launching Tuesday February 13th @ 11AM EST

Interactr 2 Review: It has been a long time since I found anything worthwhile recommending in the IM world. Too many gimmicks or too much same old same old by the same old folk.

But today I’m reviewing a video product by a person who I like and trust and this is something that is pretty cool. Read on though as it is not for everyone. At least in my opinion.

It uses a technology called behavioural dynamic response video. It means you can now deliver personalised messages via video displayed on what they do during the video.

In 2017, 93% of marketers used video for sales purposes.

And according to Cisco, video will account for 69% of total traffic in 2018.

The trouble is, much of this traffic abandons the video fairly soon in. This is where Interactr 2.0 comes in.

Basically, in short, at set points of your video, viewers are presented with an option. Depending on what they choose, different things happen.

Here are 2 videos. One is an overview of Interactr 2, the funnel, bonuses etc.

The other is a video I made using the software, which is web-based by the way. Nothing to download or install.

Interactr 2 Review Video

Interactr 2 Review – Sales Funnel

 Interactr Review

The Interactr sales funnel follows a typical pattern for Ryan’s stuff. I have only reviewed the front end so cannot comment on the rest although if you do use it, getting extra templates and after effects files on a regular basis would be beneficial which is OTO 1.

OTO 2 is Agency rights/white label access.



+ You can use either YouTube or Vimeo videos to create a unique user experince that will make you stand out from your competition.

+ Web-based

+ Will make you stand out

+ Ryan is a good guy who supports his stuff.



+ Not for people just starting out.

+ Cannot see video controls in preview mode so have to watch the whole thing.

Interactr 2 – Choose Your Bonus Package Demo Video

Watch the video Above to Choose

A) Facebook Ads bonus

B) YouTube Viral Channel Bonus

C) Mystery Bonus

The Below Bonuses you get too… ( These are from Ryan so NOT UNIQUE)

Ryan has kindly given me these bonuses to offer you. They will be available inside with your purchase.

Interactr 2 Review

PS…Thanks for reading this Interactr 2 Review. Any questions, please leave them below.

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