Episode 321 – Interactr Evolution Review

Last updated on October 16, 2020

Interactr Evolution Review

Interactr Evolution is by the creator of Adreel (Still one of my favourite tools and yep, it still works wonder), Ryan Phillips.

It uses a technology called behavioural dynamic response video.

If you want to see some teasers, you can below:

Local Business

Landing Page

Interactive content

As you can see, you can deliver personalised messages via video depending on what actions the viewer takes.

These videos are NOT for YouTube.

Instead, these are videos that you host on your money or business websites.

4th Version

Since the original Interactr launched in 2016, this will be the 4th version and here’s what’s new:

Interactr Evolution Review

Interactr evolution is much easier to demonstrate than to explain via text, so, let’s have a look at a video.

Interactr Evolution Review Video

As you can see, the training is clear and you can use 

  • MP4 files from your computer
  • Vimeo URLs
  • YouTube URLs
  • Stock footage

…To create your Interactr videos.

You can use these videos for:

  1. Local clients to get more leads/business
  2. CPA/Affiliate offers
  3. E-commerce sites
  4. Product description videos
  5. Landing pages

Interactr Evolution Review of the Funnel

Here is a breakdown of the funnel at the time of my writing this review:

OTO1 – $97 Interactr Evolution Pro Edition

The edition has additional features to give the app a more robust feature set including these power user features:
  • Advanced customisable interaction layer builder.
  • Premium stock footage library to build interactive videos right inside the app.
  • Surveys + Quizes.
  • Pre-set interactive video templates.
  • Pre-made interactive video thumbnails.

OTO2- $297/yr or $47/mo Interactr Evolution Agency Edition

The agency edition combines the interactr club and agency. 

You will get interactive local video templates each month as well as the ability to white-label the app and create sub user accounts.


  • White-label license.
  • Sub user/client account creation.
  • Custom logo, branding and domain.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique software
  • Excellent training and support
  • Does exactly what it says
  • Videos work on mobile and desktop


  • Some work involved
  • Some may think it’s a bit pricey


Interactr evolution is a great tool for anyone that owns a website or wants to do more with local clients.

Well worth your investment.

Video Dashboard

Interactr Evolution Bonuses

Interactr Evolution Review



Plus I’ll give you some stock footage to use from the below list OR if you cannot find anything, let me know your niche and I’ll do my best to get some for you…

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