Episode 270 – Interactr Local Review

Interactr Local Review

Launch Date:  Tuesday January 8th
> Launch Time:  11:00 AM EST

> Close Date:  Friday January 11th
> Close Time:  23:59 PM EST

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he problem people have when trying to make money with video as a local marketer is it’s getting harder and harder to sell videos to businesses.

Interactr Local by Ryan Phillips purports to solve that. 
I like Ryan and he makes good video softwares so I chose to take a look.

I have seen his previous product, Interactr where Ryan first introduced this technology but this is updated and has a local angle.

Interactr local gives you instant access to professionally filmed and edited INTERACTIVE local videos you can sell to local businesses – something no-one else in your market will be able to do.

You can simply edit the pre-done, professionally filmed interactive video templates in as little as 60 seconds and they are ready to sell.

You’ll also have access to the new and updated Interactr local software which will allow you to make a custom video if you want.

Lets look at a review/demo video…

Interactr Local Review & Demo Video


Despite the local focus, I personally think this would be great for E-commerce store owners as well as affiliate marketers who own their own niches sites.

A bit of fun to get higher conversions on certain products you sell.

Interactr Local Funnel

I have only looked at the front end offer so cannot comment in much detail regarding the funnel itself. 

FE:  interactr Local – $47 Personal $67 Commercial

OTO1:  interactr Local Partner Program – $37/mo or $247/yr

OTO2:  interactr Agency – $97/yr or $197

Interactr Local Summary


   + Will make you stand out which is becoming more and more important. This will get you    more engagement.

   + Do not need to host the videos if you do not want.

   + Videos work on mobile

   + Cloud based. Mac or PC ok.

   + Ryan supports his stuff


  • A Learning curve to get to grips with the software. It’s not hard but you’ll need to practice.
  • These videos play on their hosting or your own websites but not on YouTube.


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Interactr Local Bonuses

Ryan was kind enough to provide these bonuses that will be delivered automatically with your purchase.



Interactr Local Bonuses

Extra Special Bonus – Choose 1 set of niche videos. Send a ticket to: ([email protected])

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