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Last updated on October 16, 2020

The Kibo Code

The Kibo Code [Review]

With the start of the new year, many marketers are beginning to announce upcoming programs and courses.

Among these industry experts is Aidan Booth, a name that is synonymous with online marketing training and ClickBank launches.

This January, Aidan, along Steve Clayton who is his partner, will be launching The Kibo Code. 

NOTE: As this will be taught live over 8 weeks from Jan 28th, no-one can claim to have seen it or been through it, unless they have invented a working time machine.

The Kibo Code

Before we talk about why The Kibo Code is generating so much online hype, let’s look at its creators; Aidan and Steve.

Aidan started his online marketing journey by managing websites with paid advertising.

Eventually, he moved on to affiliate marketing and finally, owning his own eCommerce businesses.

Steve is a former CFO at a Fortune 500 company and a successful digital marketer with a diversified portfolio. 

Since 2013, Aidan and Steve have been business partners in several successful ventures.

Every year, they also partner to create an intense marketing course that teaches new eCommerce strategies.

These courses are usually based on the trials and errors that Aidan and Steve have observed from managing and growing their online businesses, as well as research endeavors.

Their biggest course so far is the ‘7 Figure Cycle’ which made $11 million in its first week of sales back in 2018.

This year’s course is called The Kibo Code and is expected to perform even better. 

What is The Kibo Code? 

The Kibo Code is an 8-week training program created for business owners who want to win at eCommerce and grow their profits.

The method is based on a model a famous brick&mortar store in Tokyo.

Japan uses to make BILLIONS of dollars every year selling literally every single type of product you can imagine.

They fill their store up with products, see what sells, put the best-selling products in more visible places to their (foot) traffic, remove what does not sell, then continue to add new products, remove, replace and optimize others, in order to maximize their conversions and increase their profits.  

As we know, the eCommerce industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

On the flip side, this also means that competition and the race to gain market share is also growing rapidly.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to succeed at eCommerce without a smart, solid plan.

This is why, in their words, The Kibo Code was born. 

The Kibo Code claims to show you how to build a business model based on ‘proven strategies.’

The Kibo Code specifically teaches that you don’t have to be involved with Amazon or warehouses to grow a profitable eCommerce business in 2020.

This is the opposite of what most eCommerce courses are teaching, even though it is becoming more apparent every day that Amazon does not favor the new/growing businesses. 

This course teaches how you can reach high-income profitability without going through complex steps that the industry has deemed as “necessary”.

The creators used the Kibo Code strategy to grow their businesses and get rich.

They were able to generate over $40 million by using the strategies in this model.

Now, they’re going to show you everything they did so you can achieve similar results.

Or at least that’s what they say 🙂

What Should You Expect from The Kibo Code? 

The creators of this program have kept most of its details secret.

So anyone claiming to have seen it or used it is LYING.

More on this later.

This hasn’t affected excitement though.

If you’ve been a part of any event organized by Aidan and Steve, then you know to expect more value than your money’s worth.

However, from their marketing messages, it’s clear that they will be teaching on the following aspects of eCommerce. 

Automating your marketing campaigns

This training is intended to show you how to build super-busy eCommerce businesses that cannot be micromanaged.

Therefore, you need to learn different ways to automate your marketing campaigns to ensure an endless supply of leads. 

Using third-party logistics providers

You’ll learn to build an eCommerce business without ever handling inventory.

Of course, dropshippers already have this model figured out already.

However, The Kibo Code promises a new model that is faster and more effective, while reducing costs. 

Finding the best selling products- fast! 

The Kibo Code

There are millions of items that reach best selling status every day.

How do you pinpoint the best selling, most profitable products in time?

Well… I don’t know.

Which is why we both need to register for the program.

We will learn how to find these products quickly and automatically add to our stores without writing copy or lifting images.

This course will also teach you how to evaluate your least performing products and set automatic processes to remove them to make room for better-performing items. 

Training in the application of needed software 

To use the Kibo Code successfully, you need the help of online tools and software.

This course will provide some training in the use of this software.

The program will also teach how you can customize the performance models to suit your sales goals. 

How-to guides on store building tools 

Along with the lessons, this program also provides access to the tools you need to build your storefront, product pages, product database, control center, and more.

Everyone who registers will be automatically added to an online community.

There, people can share even more information, exchange ideas, and make new connections. 

What makes The Kibo Code Unique? 

Aidan and Steve are adept at creating jargon-free courses.

They break down business models into the simplest structures so everyone can understand and apply as needed.

I expect that The Kibo Code will also be designed using this structure.

The Kibo Code Video Overview

Who is The Kibo Code for? 

If you recognize the growing competition in the eCommerce industry and prefer a strategy that will help your business stand out from the noise, then The Kibo Code is perfect for you.

The only convincing you need should be found in your projected growth for 2020. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Can you reach your 2020 business goals with your current strategy?

Do you have other proven strategies waiting to be implemented?

Are you willing to take (expensive) risks, rather than adopt a successful, highly profitable eCommerce model?

If your answer to all three questions is a ‘No’, then you should sign up to the training that they will be holding.

The Kibo Code will be available to purchase on the 28th of January, 12:00 EST 

Click below to register for the free training that you can take part in regardless of whether you decide to move forward with what will be on offer.

NOTE: As this will be taught live over 8 weeks from Jan 28th, no-one can claim to have seen it or been through it, unless they have invented a working time machine.

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