Episode 16 – Link Indexr Review – Are Your Backlinks Worthless?

Link Indexr Review  – Why You May Be Wasting Your Time Building Links


When it comes to SEO, backlinks are worthless if Google doesn’t know about them. Link Indexr allows your subscribers to index up to 1,000 links PER DAY! That’s over 30,000 links a month!

The more links that get indexed the faster your rankings start improving. Apparently, with Link Indexr you can start seeing results in as little as 24 hours!

Originally, Link Indexr was created to be as simple as logging in and uploading your desired links. Link Indexr takes it from there and starts creating high-quality links to your backlinks from sources such as Social Bookmarks, Web 2.0 sites, Wiki Sites, Blog Sites, RSS Feeds and much much more!

Now, I am going to get this for my own use and to provide to my team to use.

While I do not have a review, it has been out for a while, just this time it is being marketed effectively to put it in front of more folk.


Anyhow, here is a demo of it in action:


I hope that you enjoyed the Link Indexr demo video. If this is something that you would like in your Arsenal, then grab it by clicking the red button.


Link Indexr Review


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