LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review

Episode 182 – LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review

Episode 182 – LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review
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LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review

LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash is Lee Cole’s system for making real money on LinkedIn. Well, it is his and his partner’s, Gloria Gunn’s.  LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash sells for $17 but what exactly is it?

Gloria was looking for an easy product to sell through LinkedIn, because she wanted to build a list of buyers. She and her partner sell their own, proprietary LinkedIn software, and they wanted quality prospects to market to. The perfect product had to be in high demand and the fulfilment needed to be quick and cheap.

After trying out a few things, Gloria decided to focus on:  “Social Media Covers”. A social media cover is a background graphic, which you put on your social media accounts.

These are an incredibly important branding tool for professionals who use social media for business purposes.

Yet, most (as in virtually all) professionals don’t have consistent cover graphics that brand them correctly.

Linkedin Arbitrage Cash is a soup to nuts process on how you can use Linkedin as a traffic source to find buyers, then outsource something on fiverr, and sell to these professionals at big mark ups.

This will probably take 10 hours a week at the very very most. You will need to put in some effort. No push button stuff here.

LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review Video


LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Funnel

OTO 1 is called LinkedIn Client Finder 2.0. Download the software, install, and run. It will get more leads . Comes with in depth, video training on how to use the software as well as how to field the leads you get from the software.  $67

OTO2  is called LinkedIn Arbitrage Outsourced. Copy and paste LinkedIn system is for anyone who has a VA to apply this. $47



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