MailX Review

Episode 143 – MailX Review

Episode 143 – MailX Review
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MailX Review

Click here April 29th @ 11AM EST

If you are an email marketer or want to be, then this is somehting you may be interested in. If you either do not have a list or are not interested in list building, then this will not be worth reading. With that said, let’s talk about MailX.

MailX is a cloud based system with the goal of offering you a better deliverability with your emails.

FACT: Many marketers  are struggling with getting their emails to the inbox. And of course, if your emails do not get read, then it’s kinda pointless.

If you are thinking of list building or are list building, then you may want to look into this.

MailX Demo Video

As you can see, It’s a fully cloud based email app that allows users to directly import their leads and send unlimited emails – with no monthly fees. They have templates, a list cleaner, a SPAM checker and API integration with all the big players out there: Sendgrid, Mailgun, MailJet and Amazon.

MailX allows users to import leads and mail them within 2 minutes using the simple & clean design interface

Now here is the thing. This is for people who want to build a list and mail it often. OR those who do CPA list building where it is hard to actually build any sort of real relatiosnhip.

The way I do things is time intensive but as such, hitting the inbox and open rates are not such a big thing for me. But it doe take time.

Other people have, often through no fault of their own, had their domains blacklisted which damages email deliverability.

MailX Sales Funnel

MailX REview

OTO #1 $47

MailX PRO (Best choice)

Extra features including tons of premium templates and a built-in list cleaner. Priced at $47.47

OTO #2 $19.95 per month

MailX Membership ( Not necessary)

Includes all the email marketing tips one would need  Priced at $19.95/mo.

OTO # 3 $97

MailX Resellers – Have the rights to resell this as your own product.

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