Episode 222 – Marketer Seal Review

Marketer Seal Review


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Whenever you want to learn a new skill, it is common sense to find someone who is a genius at it and follow and model them. When I wanted to learn and master YouTube Ads, I chose 3 guys to follow. I have one friend is a super E-com guy and when I get my E-com store up, he will be the guy and the only guy I will work with.

Back when I was learning Youtube SEO, I found a monster post from a guy called Matthew Woodward. I learnt all about on page SEO for video.

And while I was not into website SEO so much, I knew he was a ninja and someone who was amazing at it.

I was surprised to see the other day he had planned to launch a training on website SEO.

But, i found it was about PBNs or Private blog Networks. I had always thought of them as somewhat Black hat. Not in an illegal way, but a risky way that may get you penalised by Google.

I spoke to a friend who is an underground SEO guru (100% behind the scenes) who explained how powerful they are and how. He showed me his numbers. Wow.

So, I got a review of Matthew’s Marketer Seal as I was intrigued on how he built PBNs and got the results he does

Result’s in very tough niches like these:


The above are from Health, Video games and travel sites Matthew Runs with PBNs deployed.

Pretty Impressive eh? Although no-one should compare themself to him as he has been doing this for ages. Still, it does work IF done right and footprints avoided.

Here is my Marketer Seal Review Video and you can look inside the product itself.

Marketer Seal Review Video


What You Learn (Taken from the JV Page)

  • How to increase the traffic & rankings of any website in any niche in 2017
  • How to build sites in your network the right way to avoid detection
  • The one type of blog network that you must avoid at all costs
  • How to budget for your network and save money on domains & hosting
  • The safest and cheapest way to host your network
  • How to find the best domains for your network & which metrics you must look out for
  • 15 different sources of powerful domains for you to take advantage of
  • The contact details for my personal domain broker
  • The cheapest way to source quality relevant content for your network sites
  • How to hide your private blog network from your competitors
  • The best strategies for deploying links to your site(s) from your network
  • 4 different methods to manage, monitor & maintain your network
  • How to avoid leaving any footprints across hosting, domain, site, content, links & more
  • Step by step plans & checklists to make building your first network as easy as possible

Marketer Seal Review Funnel

Front End Certification – $497 
This is the main product with a one time payment of $497. I have only seen this. I have not seen the other offers in the funnel.

Serped.net Premium Upsell $599/Year 
Serped.net offers the perfect suite of tools to compliment the main certification. This is a recurring annual payment of $599

Serped.net Premium Downsell $79/Month
A monthly plan at $79 per month.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to take SEO seriously
  • Folks with an E-com store
  • Folks with an Affiliate or Niche site(s)
  • People tired of the WSO BS and want to focus on ONE thing

Marketer Seal Review Bonus Package

Tube Architect: I have never offered this before. It is on sale for $297. A complete YouTube SEO Video Training.

Tube Architect Review

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