Media Profit Revolution Review

Episode 129 – Media Profit Revolution Review

Episode 129 – Media Profit Revolution Review
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Media Profit Revolution Review

Click Here on Feb 6th @ 10AM EST

Media Profit Revolution is all about Native Ads. If you are new to this term, Native Ads are simply advertisements that are supposed to blend in with the website they are on, giving the viewer and better overall experience.

They work! Period! Lots of the top CPA guys use networks like Taboola and Outbrain to get their ads onto authority sites. You have probably seen them at the bottom of articles under the ‘you may like’ section with eye-catching images and headlines.

Click one, and you may go to a blog article, advertorial, sales page…it depends.

But, just how do you set up these ads, especially considering the big networks require you to be able to deliver insane amounts of traffic?

Answer, you don’t. There is little training for the beginner, or at least that was the case. Media Profit Revolution is all about Native Ads. I went through it, called BS on a few things but overall gave it my two thumbs up. Here is my review

Media Profit Revolution Review Video

Media Profit Revolution Funnel:

Front End: $16-27 Video Course on Native Ads

OTO 1: $47 >> 15 done For You Research & Spy Data for the best performing native ad campaigns on the native ad network they recommend starting with.

OTO 2: $47 >> Advanced training method, teaching people how to do Native Ad Arbitrage or “Traffic Arbitrage” with native content ads

I advise the F/E and OTO 1 (if you are either new or have time constraints)

Media Profit Revolution ReviewI will give you a CODE. You can take that code and either place it at the bottom of your website or in the widget area and it will allow you to have what LOOKS like Native Ads on your site. These can be edited to go to YOUR links. Images can be replaced too.

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